Cofinity-X and T-Systems: your express highway to join Catena-X!

Join us in our upcoming webinar together with Cofinity-X and start your participation in Catena-X - easy as can be! 

Marek Jersak, Chief Executive Officer at Cofinity-X and Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter Lead of Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, will be our speakers for this insightful session. During our webinar, you will discover the role of Cofinity-X in Catena-X ecosystem, and the essential steps to fuel your participation in Catena-X with T-Systems' IDSA and Catena-X certified solution. What’s more, gain valuable insights into optimizing data connectivity, enhancing collaboration, and unlocking the full potential of your data. Explore with us:

  • How you can benefit from Catena-X and how you can easily join the network
  • The role of Cofinity-X as Catena-X operator
  • How to join Catena-X with our Catena-X tailored services
  • Automotive use cases and real-life success stories 

Join us on January 18, from 9:00 to 9:45 CEST. The webinar will be conducted in English. 

Register now and hit the fast track to elevate your data! 

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09:00 - 09:05 | Welcome & Introduction 

- Welcome and Agenda, Marek Jersak and Sven Löffler 

09:05 - 9:40 | Deep dive 

- How to join Catena-X with our packages 

- Cofinity-X role on Catena-X 

- Demo time 

9:40 - 9:45 | Q&A and Wrap-up 

- Q&A session 

- Closing 

Event happened on:

Date of the event: January 18, 2024

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