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Introducing the newest addition to our dataspace portfolio for Catena-X

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Introducing the newest addition to our dataspace portfolio for Catena-X

For our customers, only the best is sufficient – therefore we cooperate with Bosch Connected Industry, the software house for Industry 4.0 from Bosch. From now on, you can choose the Digital Twin Registry powered by Bosch, which is proven robust for millions of Digital Twins, integrated into our product. This new solution is the easiest way for you to raise the value of your data for new use cases across the product lifecycle. Seamlessly integrated, this cutting-edge database offers stand-out efficiency and reliability in creating and managing digital twins across the supply chain.

Unlock the power of real-time insights, enhanced collaboration, and streamlined operations. Elevate your digital transformation journey with our dataspace solutions, including the Digital Twin Registry, powered by Bosch Semantic Stack!

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Our references

  • Building trust in dataspaces:
    T-Systems collaborative journey with Gaia-X and Catena-X
    Building trust in dataspaces: T-Systems collaborative journey with Gaia-X and Catena-X
  • Fostering global innovation with Eclipse Dataspaces Working Group
    Fostering global innovation with Eclipse Dataspaces Working Group
  • Shaping Digital Ecosystems:
    AWS and T-Systems Collaboration
    Shaping Digital Ecosystems: AWS and T-Systems Collaboration
  • Enhancing innovation and collaboration:
    Knorr-Bremse's journey with T-Systems
    Enhancing innovation and collaboration: Knorr-Bremse's journey with T-Systems
  • T-Systems and Cofinity-X:
    A collaborative journey shaping Catena-X
    T-Systems and Cofinity-X: A collaborative journey shaping Catena-X


  • Picture of Olaf Scholz

    I want a Europe that is a pioneer in important key technologies. Take the mobility of the future. Data will play a decisive role in this – for autonomous driving, in the networking of different means of transport or in the intelligent management of traffic flows. That’s why we need a uniform, cross-border European mobility data space as quickly as possible. We have made a start in Germany with the Mobility Data Space. Let’s link it up with all of Europe!

    Olaf Scholz

    Chancellor of Germany

  • Picture of Oliver Ganser

    As a clearing house for Gaia-X and Catena-X, T-Systems is one of the first clearing houses available on the market, not only for Catena-X, but also for other partners. We found the right partner to give the right people in the dataspace to credit - who you are, are you rightfully or wrongfully in there - and to make sure that we are Gaia-X compliant.

    Oliver Ganser

    Chief Executive Officer “Catena-X Association and Industry Consortium”

  • Picture of Thomas Rösch

    The integrity of dataspaces is built on verified company identities. T-Systems, Gaia-X compliant clearing house is a key pillar during the onboarding of new members into the Catena-X dataspace, and an important partner for us in building a trusted data ecosystem.

    Thomas Rösch

    Chief Executive Officer, Cofinity-X

  • Picture of Lars Nagel

    In our view, we need market adopters, early movers, commercial companies that just ship the great technology, software components and services we need, and we have trailblazers like T-Systems with the data intelligence hub, which already showed us two years ago what the world of data spaces could look like.

    Lars Nagel

    Chief Executive Officer, International Data Spaces Association (IDSA

  • Picture of Ulrich Ahle

    Market players like T-Systems are playing an important role in making dataspaces a reality, operating digital clearing houses according to the specification of Gaia-X. With this we are creating a global standard for dataspaces in different domains, starting with flagship domains like the automotive.

    Ulrich Ahle

    Chief Executive Officer - Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL

  • Picture of Roland Fadrany

    T-Systems was heavily involved in the creation of our standards, working in working groups, committees and even at board level. So, they were fully committed, and they built a set of services, but they also really understood the business model of building additional business on top of the clearinghouse functions.

    Roland Fadrany

    Chief Operating Officer - Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL

  • Picture of David Scuderi

    From now on, our customers will be able to leverage the combined power of AWS technology and T-Systems' innovative ability to unlock the value of their data and easily connect all their data sources, connect to any available data space of their choice. They can share data on their own terms and decide who can see and use their data while maintaining control over data access rights by obtain Gaia-X conformity for participants and services using the notes from T-Systems digital clearinghouses.

    David Scuderi

    Public Sector Lead, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Picture of Peter Koen

    Microsoft and T-Systems have joined forces in the Eclipse Data space working group to work together on software and create connectors to share data globally in a standardized way.

    Peter Koen

    Principal Cloud Standards Architect, Microsoft

  • Picture of Martin Garner

    What is fundamentally different about the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is that it’s the first commercial systems to be deployed that is compliant with the specification released in late 2017 by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

    Martin Garner

    CCS Insight

  • Picture of Joel Stradling

    DT’s new Data Intelligence Hub illuminates DT’s ambitions to be a neutral data custodian on behalf of enterprise. Excellent security credentials and empowering business customers with data sovereignty combine to give very strong possibilities.

    Joel Stradling

    Global Data

Create data chains


Connect with your suppliers to trace emissions throughout the manufacturing and supply chain and take data-driven actions to minimize your environmental impact for a greener future.

Circular Economy

Reuse, recycle and remanufacture - Be the circular economy leader in your industry. Utilize Telekom’s strong partnerships across all levels of your value chains to create insightful data chains for responsible industrialization.


We empower manufacturers and suppliers to implement traceability throughout their value chain. To support manufacturers become compliant with legal regulations, our solutions provide from production through to recycling.

Modal travel shift

Enable trust between mobility providers to share data to unlock higher efficiency and utilization of mobility resources, to gain a triple win outcome – “everyone’s a winner”: consumers (better travel), providers (more business), and cities (cleaner, safer, less noise).

Your journey to Getting Connected

1. Unlock the value of your data

Easily connect all of your data sources. We handle the complexity, you reap the benefits.

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2. Get connected to any dataspace

We give you the power to choose and connect to any dataspace you want.

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3. Share data on your terms

Decide who can see and use your data, keep the power to control your rights to data.

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4. Have your data safely delivered

Secure end-to-end protection, keeping your data safe throughout the whole transaction and beyond.

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The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub advantage


Deutsche Telekom’s independent and secure global network for our services and solutions to make sure you can count on us when it comes to sharing data.

Intuitive and user friendly

Customer centricity and customer experience is at the core of our services. We strive for plug-and-play experience, easy access, and quick onboarding to delight our customers’ data transformation journey.


Founding partner of Gaia-X, on the board of the IDSA, and shaping technology as well as business adoption as an active participant in the three leading dataspaces in automotive, Mobilithek/ Mobility Data Space, Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility, and Catena-X.

Seamless integration

End-to-end business solutions from backend integration to standardized semantics, for efficient restructuring, process optimization and utilization of your data with minimal efforts. Break up data silos across departments and companies.

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