Connectivity services to engage
in active, sovereign data sharing

Get connected to data platforms, marketplaces and dataspaces and exercise trustful and secure data exchange via our cloud agnostic solutions with DIH as your managed services.

Pioneer Digital Sovereignty with Telekom DIH

With our cloud agnostic end-to-end managed service solutions - Get connected to a secure and trustful data sharing future


Onboarding users to standardized connector ecosystem and providing integration with existing dataspaces, marketplaces and platforms

Your connection - on your terms

Get Connected to a dataspace - unlock the true value of your data


Deutsche Telekom’s independent and secure global network for our services and solutions to enable trustful data sharing

Plug & Play

Easy, user-friendly services for quick onboarding to delight our customer’s data transformation journey

Cloud Agnostic

Our cloud-agnostic connections run on my cloud - Your Choice on your terms


Secure peer-2-peer communication with end-to-end semantics (with Eclipse Dataspace Connector)


Deutsche Telekom powered managed services with Telekom’s highest security and compliance standards


Industry leading IDSA certified & GAIA-X compliant managed services

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Connect Basic

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Connect Comfort

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Connect Choice

Your benefits

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    Take the first step to participate in the data economy

  • +

    Become a dataspaces ecosystem participant in a few easy steps, no installation required

  • +

    You define terms by managing your own usage policies on how your data is treated

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    Benefit from pioneers in cloud implementation since 10+ years. We are leading partners of Azure, AWS and Google Cloud implementation

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    Be compliant with respect to latest data regulations.

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    Start monetizing by treating your data-as-a-product

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    Our solutions offer secure and standardized gateway to connect existing systems and their data to a larger ecosystem

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    Technical set-up support to existing dataspaces (e.g Mobilithek) and create client-branded data ecosystems.

Highly secure

Exchange data with all of your business partners along the data value chain and across international borders. You can rely on our infrastructure and security standards.

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Full control

Publish your data and analyzes individually: Who is allo-wed to view them, who to explore, who to process? All could be managed at once in the Data Intelligence Hub.

Easy transfer via Connector

Receiving and providing are getting quite simple through the Connector. The application based on the open source software Apache Kafka provides an interface for loading and processing data streams. Especially for large amounts of data and peer-to-peer install the connector locally on your server.


Experience digital sovereignty by setting up and deploying dataspaces, integrating with connectors, participants, datasets and use cases to build your own data ecosystem

Create your own dataspace - on your own terms


Create your own dataspace and break data silos


Easy to use, managed services compliant to leading industry standards such as GAIA-X and IDSA


Define rules and policies on your shared data and retain control and trust over your data - always


Connect your backend systems with a common semantic layer for efficient data utilization with minimal efforts


Orchestrate solutions and components to customize and build your own data-driven ecosystems such as a Data Mesh

Space Sandbox

Space Enterprise

Space Family

Your benefits

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    Create your own dataspace to link up and share benefits with family & friends - across departmental silos as well as important suppliers or customers

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    The dataspace allows the data relationship between trusted partners, each of whom apply the same high standards (IDSA, GAIA-X) and rules to the storage and sharing of their data

  • +

    Data is not stored centrally but at a local source and are therefore only shared and sovereign

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    The Space solution is designed for all dataspace participants, incl. data providers, users & intermediaries

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    Define rules and policies on your shared data

Click and Connect

The power of shared data ecosystems at your fingertips. Join Germany's leading dataspaces such as Catena-X, GAIA-X, Mobilithek and many more with our easy plug and play, cloud agnostic services.


Turn your data into a product and benefit from new revenue streams across multiple dataspaces or interconnected dataspaces (data mesh) – and expand your reach to build data-driven ecosystems. Breaking data silos has never been easier.

Add Ons

The Add-ons provide denefits and additional value to the customer by bringing innovative features, apps, tools, and marketplace to unlock the true potential of the data.


Improve data operations

Make data Al-ready

Wide range of apps

Easy to install and use

Regular updates


Monetize your data and apps

Trusted participants and secure transactions

Define and manage your shared data usage policies

DIH as your managed service partner

Your benefits

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    The Add-ons offering ensure the proper, reliable, and comprehensible usage of data

  • +

    Address vertical industry demands and customer specific requirements

  • +

    Increase efficiency of data and processes and identify innovation areas

  • +

    Ensure compliance and create data transparency

  • +

    Create your own marketplace(s) to share or monetize data and/or apps

  • +

    Increase value of network with more participants and applications

Let's 'Get connected' to share
data... on your own terms