Catena-X: The First Open and Collaborative Data Ecosystem

Organisations can connect with others securely and trustfully to share, process, and analyse data on their terms with data sovereignty protection

Connect Basic

  • Eclipse Data Connector
  • Any Cloud deployment - we host the cloud
  • GAIA-X compliant / IDSA certified
  • Basic data usage control
  • Managed Services for easy connection
  • Quick start into Catena-X applications
  • Easy participation and data provisioning in the Catena-X Data Ecosystem.
  • Enables the use of applications and also the role as a data provider with data sovereignty protection in Catena-X.
  • Self-configuration to the Catena-X ecosystem by customer.

Connect Advanced

Everything from Basic plus

  • Advanced data usage control
  • Additional/Possible On-Prem deployment
  • Bring your own cloud subscription - customer own the cloud subscription
  • Configuration services and automatic connection solution through the Autosetup
  • Simplified provision of data for applications and data products
  • "Sovereign Plus" option T-System Sovereign Cloud for extended data sovereignty protection

Connect & Integrate


Everything from Advanced plus

  • For frequent and regular data sharing with Catena-X from/to your systems
  • Reduced manual effort with partial automation of data provisioning and consumption
  • Publish or download data packages via an API to a secure data base synchronizing with Catena-X
  • Leverage functionalities such as data mapping, conversion, or synchronization via your web-browser

Connect & Integrate


Everything from Advanced plus

  • Tailor-made service for highly automated and low-maintenance data exchange with Catena-X
  • Efficiently serves more complex scenarios (e.g. variety of data sources, data transactions or use cases)
  • T-Systems Backend Integration Kit covers Catena-X standards out-of-the-box
  • UI-based configuration of all integration tasks – no programming needed
  • Built-in administration, monitoring and security mechanisms

T-System's tailor-made offerings for Catena-X

Connect Basic
Connect Advanced
Connect & Integrate Standard
Connect & Integrate Customized

Connect Basic

Catena-X Certified Solution badge
Connect Basic is the basic package for participation and data provisioning in the Catena-X Data Ecosystem. It enables the use of applications and also the role as a data provider with data sovereignty protection in Catena-X. To simplify operations and maintenance such as, software updates, the solution is available as a managed service in the cloud, and thus works without software download and local installation. However, with the basic package, the customer has to take care of the connection and configuration to the Catena-X exosystem himself. We deliver a "data phone", which runs in the cloud and is automatically maintained and updated by us. The "connection or SIM card" is provided by the customer.
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Connect Advanced

Catena-X Certified Solution badge

The Advanced package builds on Connect Basic and includes all the features of the Basic offering. It extends the Basic package with Catena-X connection and configuration services and additionally offers an automatic connection solution to the Catena-X Ecosystem through the "Autosetup" functionality.


The customer does not have to take care of the connection in the Catena-X network himself, the Advanced solution includes a "data phone" with "connection or SIM card". This eliminates the need for the customer to configure the connection solution. In addition, the "data phone" in the Advanced package has "Easy Data" functionality.

Easy Data

This additional functionality simplifies the provision of data for applications and data products such as digital twins. "Easy Data" also provides a user interface for this purpose, which can be used to manage data products. As a data provider, the customer can keep track of the different data offerings with their respective (a) access restrictions (who is allowed to see my data offering) and (b) usage policies (how the data may be used) when providing data. The Advanced package allows both large and small companies to focus immediately on data offerings and application usage instead of having to deal with the connection to the Catena-X system. For those who want to further secure their data offering, the "Sovereign Plus" solution can be added as an additional option to the Advanced package.

"Sovereign Plus" option

With this additional option, the data offers for the Catena-X network are stored in the memory of your own "data phone" in the T-System Sovereign Cloud. This extends data sovereignty protection beyond the sharing of data in the network to the local intermediate and storage of data on the customer side.

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Connect & Integrate Standard

Builds on CONNECT Advanced and is aimed at companies that want to exchange data regularly and frequently with Catena-X applications in scenarios with low to medium complexity. To reduce manual effort, customers can use the standard product BASE-X (Basic Exchange Service for Catena-X) to partially automate individual steps such as data mapping or data synchronization. This is done via a simple user interface with an underlying database, in which a customer can publish or download data packages via an API with just a few clicks, thereby reducing the complexity of Catena-X. The package can be obtained at an affordable fixed monthly price.
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Connect & Integrate Customized

Customized offering as a tailor-made service for companies (no fixed price package) that aim for a largely automated and low-maintenance data exchange with Catena-X. Based on CONNECT Advanced, companies receive a solution for backend integration that is individually adapted to their framework conditions and also efficiently serves more complex scenarios (e.g. large number of data sources or data formats, high data exchange volume, multiple Catena-X use cases). The T-Systems Backend Integration Kit provides various solution modules for this purpose, which are used as required and cover many of the Catena-X requirements out-of-the-box (including SIA (/Semantic Integration Assistant), PDM WebConnector, as well as ETL market products and corresponding open source solutions).
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Telekom Data Intelligence Hub Advantage for Catena-X


Plug & Play Auto setup


Easy configuration via Data Intelligence Hub


Ready to Use and Tailor-made data space bundles


No Coding Skills and no IT Know


Easy & quick automated setup


Deployed in minutes


Flexible contracts and individual pricing


Enhanced service by Telekom


Personalized onboarding assistance and support

Why Catena-X?

The goal of the Catena-X Automotive Network is to create secure, sovereign and standardized data and information exchange along the entire automotive value chain with the European GAIA-X standards.

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Catena-X Pioneers


Deutsche Telekom AG

Mercedes-Benz AG

Robert Bosch GmbH


Siemens AG

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Catena-X Use Cases

Sustainability (CO2 Footprint)


Circular Economy

Digital Twin

Business partner data management

Modular production

Demand and capacity management

Quality management

Real-time control

Manufacturing as a service

Catena-X benefits

Cost reduction through digital processes

Value-added services through network-based, innovative approaches

Integrated midmarket

Systematic (copy) protection for the European automotive industry

Industrailized data ecosystem

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