Connected Mobility: Sustainable urban mobility development

Connected Mobility: Sustainable urban mobility development

May 25, 2023

Connected Mobility: Sustainable urban mobility development

The panel discusses the concept of intelligent networking between vehicles and infrastructure, highlighting its potential in areas such as data collection, traffic management, and more. It poses questions regarding the demands that will be placed on information and communication technologies (ICT) and cloud technologies in the future, as well as the role of software-defined vehicles in this complex system.

The term "intelligent networking" refers to the integration and communication between vehicles and various elements of infrastructure, such as traffic lights, road sensors, and smart city systems. By establishing these connections, valuable data can be collected and utilized to enhance various aspects of transportation.

The panel further investigate about the future demands on ICT and cloud technologies in this context. As intelligent networking requires the exchange and processing of vast amounts of data, there will be a need for robust ICT infrastructure and cloud-based solutions to handle the data storage, analysis, and real-time communication between vehicles and infrastructure.

Furthermore, there is a need to addresses the concept of software-defined vehicles within this intelligent networking system. Software-defined vehicles are vehicles that rely heavily on software and computer systems for their operation. They can adapt and update their functionalities through software updates, allowing for greater flexibility, customization, and integration with the intelligent networking infrastructure. These vehicles can dynamically adjust their behavior based on real-time data, optimizing their performance, safety, and energy efficiency.

Meet our expert, Frank Wisselink at polisMOBLITY Konferenz in Köln, on 25th May at 10:30 am to learn about “Connected Mobility” and other key topics. The panel discussion will be in German and will include industrial experts from Mobility and Data Intelligence.


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