Road towards digitalization with Dataspaces

Road towards digitalization with Dataspaces

May 23, 2023

Road towards digitalization with Dataspaces

The journey towards a digital future is constantly evolving, requiring businesses to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to stay competitive. This involves creating new business models, offering unique customer experiences, and utilizing precise data analyses.

To achieve this, companies are investing heavily in digital technologies and focusing on key topics such as Dataspaces to drive growth and shift towards better data. Data sovereignty is a critical aspect of this, ensuring that data always remains under the control of the provider. Several industries are moving towards developing data ecosystems, such as Catena-X in the automotive industry, which is founded on the principles of Gaia-X and IDSA, reflecting a commitment to European standards.

Catena-X aims to create end-to-end data chains throughout the entire automotive value chain by facilitating an environment where all stakeholders can participate equally.

The 7th Summit Industry 4.0, held at the House of Digitalization in Tulln, invites global experts and speakers to discuss the importance of digitalization in industries, covering various topics related to the digital future.


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