Become a trusted partner in dataspaces

Enable trustful collaboration in dataspaces

Digital.ID is your gateway to get Verifiable Credentials from Trust Anchors that are recognized by national and European governments*, enabling you to establish your role as a trusted participant within dataspaces or data sharing ecosystems. This solution is the trusted proof of authenticity, built on the Gaia-X Trust Framework.
* eIDAS conform signature performed by Magenta Security

Lasting partnerships, secure digital identities, reliable trust chains

Why do you need Verifiable Credentials?
  1. Secure digital identities for both organizations and machines
  2. Diminish business risk while increasing consumer confidence through reliable trust chains
  3. Enhance operational efficiency via streamlined automation processes
  4. Provide evidence of authenticity and origin of digital assets
  5. Ensure regulatory compliance
  6. Build lasting business relationships founded on trust

Building trust in data sharing ecosystems and dataspaces

User-friendly interface and seamless integration with our other products

Quickly adapt to business challenges through flexible dataspace mesh setup
Expand network strength with more participants, data, and applications
Foster collaboration and value creation through strategic partnerships
Experience full data sovereignty even between various dataspaces
Set-up business federations by combining selected dataspaces
Utilize Interconnect to establish regional or industrial dataspace networks

Digital.ID services

Validation service

Validation of companies' legal commercial registration numbers and European financial transaction identifiers using trusted data sources.

Gaia-X compliance service

The Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) ensures compliance to the Trust Framework, outlining requirements and software assets. We are an execution node of GXDCH.

Notarization service

Digitally signed eIDAS conform Verifiable Credentials to fulfill Gaia-X compliance, providing a secure Hardware Security Module based public key infrastructure and Key Management Service, performed by Magenta Security.

Benefits of Digital.ID


T-Systems’ independent and secure global network entrusted with the initial Gaia-X Digital Clearing House node in Europe


Highly intuitive UI for credential holder along with easy-to-use recipient & credential lifecycle management


Service based on customer parameters to allocate trust-levels across dataspace participants for added trust


Use your credentials in any dataspace and maintain control over your self-sovereign identity (SSI).


Take your identities to other data-driven ecosystems for complete interoperability within data mesh context


  • Gaia-X or Custom compliant
  • JWT conform
  • eIDAS regulation conform certificate

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