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Latest issue of  “automotiveIT” once again ranks T-Systems as the #1 IT service provider in the automotive industry in Germany for the 13th time in a row. Together with Catena-X and GAIA-X, T-Systems is bringing to life Compliance-as-a-Service solution called GAIA-X Digital Clearing House. This service is utilized to verify the trustworthiness of participants within the Catena-X data ecosystem and beyond. This process allows the Catena-X network to automate the verification of legal entities, allowing participants in the Catena-X network to prove their trustworthiness within the data ecosystem.

Catena-X is a lighthouse project of the European GAIA-X initiative. The Gaia-X initiative is a European project creating a federated and secure data infrastructure. Companies and organizations need to be sure and have trust when they share data. Additionally, they want to retain control of their data even after it is shared and want to decide what happens to their data, where it is stored, and always retain data sovereignty.

Compliance is one of the key elements within Catena-X and GAIA-X ecosystems, and as a pioneer in these data-driven ecosystems, the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is on the pulse of the development of the data sharing economy and is providing its expertise and helping companies and organizations to Get Connected and Be Prepared. The Dataspace technology utilized within these projects acts as a catalyst towards business innovation, staying compliant and to ensure the competitiveness of Europe on a global scale.

The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub

To unlock the true value of data and enable business innovation, companies and organizations need to share data. Currently, companies are reluctant to do so due to a lack of control over the data usage, strict legal regulations, and missing trust. The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub enables companies and organizations to have complete autonomy over shared data, ensures compliance with upcoming data acts and laws, efficient governance processes to ensure trust amongst participants through its IDSA certified (one of the first) and GAIA-X conform managed-service that runs on any cloud.

Acknowledgement: This article was written with support of Sean Bäker during his time as a dual student within the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub.

Sven Löffler
Sven Löffler

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