Data-as-a-product at Austrian Statistics Days

Dataspaces - From Big Data to Better Data

Data-as-a-product at Austrian Statistics Days

October 4 – 6, 2023

Data-as-a-product at Austrian Statistics Days

Austrian Statistics Days 2023 is taking place from October 4 to 6 in Vienna, focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented by the exponential growth of data, and how society can benefit from it. 

The event will delve into essential aspects such as the use of new data sources, data governance or data stewardship. In which the Austrian Federal Ministry Republic for Education, Science and Research, Technical University Vienna, Green Data Hub and T-Systems International, among many others, will share insights into their work and innovations resulting from it. 

Discover data sharing possibilities with the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub 

We are glad to announce that Nina Popanton, business development executive at Telekom Data Intelligence Hub will be part of the Austrian Statistics Days 2023, opening the third day in the course of the session on “Data Economy 4.0 - Opportunities, Methods, Innovation. 

During her keynote,Dataspaces - from Big to Better Data” she will dive into the approach of treating data-as-a-product to power new business models and super-apps. On October 6, Nina will emphasize the importance of dataspaces for secure and trustworthy data sharing between companies and other organizations from research or politics. Nina will practically show how dataspace solutions offer possibilities to enhance the value of data and their usage. 

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