Data-driven sustainability: Join the X-Creation movement

Data-driven sustainability: Join the X-Creation movement

June 10, 2024

Data-driven sustainability: Join the X-Creation movement

Be part of the transformative movement at X-Creation, taking place on June 10 in Bonn. With X-Creation T-Systems unites a mission-driven community to implement and scale innovative solutions for global challenges within the Twin Transition. The event showcases cutting-edge projects and insights from leading industry partners, fostering a network dedicated to impactful change. 

Visit our booth to meet Dandan Wang, Specialist Solutions Architect for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub at T-Systems, and discover how dataspaces are driving innovation by improving supply chain transparency, optimizing resource utilization, and reducing carbon footprints. Learn how dataspaces are improving product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance, and meeting sustainability goals across industries. See firsthand how dataspaces are breaking down industry barriers and promoting sustainable practices for a greener future, such as reducing waste in manufacturing and enabling circular economy models. 

Unlocking Sustainability: The Role of dataspaces in Fashion's Twin Transition 

In addition, join Nina Popanton, Business Development Executive for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub at T-Systems, during the panel discussion on “Industry Perspectives” on June 10, where she will discuss how dataspaces play a key role in the "twin transition" of sustainable fashion. By integrating green and digital initiatives, dataspaces drive social and environmental benefits by increasing transparency, reducing waste, and improving resource efficiency in fashion supply chains. Leveraging dataspaces is essential to aligning digital innovation with sustainability goals in this pivotal decade for climate action. 

Seize the opportunity to unlock the full potential of data for sustainability, as companies across industries are already benefiting from collaborative data sharing. For more insights on how data can drive sustainable solution, visit our website: 

Date: June 10


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