Mercedes Benz Digital Product Forum

Mercedes Benz Digital Product Forum

July 18 – 21, 2022

Mercedes Benz Digital Product Forum

On the 18th to the 21st  of July 2022 Mercedes-Benz invited to the hybrid MB Digital Product Forum in Stuttgart. From the 18th to 19th the event took place online, in a Metaverse which allowed people to virtually walk through the Digital Product Forum and visit booths to attend presentations or join discussion and take part in them with their virtual avatar.
On the 20th to the 21st the Digital Product Forum took place in a physical format, where visitors were able to get hands-on insights from experts on topics that are more prevalent today than ever, such as sustainability, sovereign data sharing and funding projects such as Catena-X.

During the Event, T-Systems’ presented its automotive expertise as a thought leader and is once again number one of the IT Services providers in Germany (link).

Top5 It Providers 2021

Figure 1: Automotive IT – IT services provider ranking 2022 – T-Systems is #1 (link)

The T-Systems’ Data Intelligence Hub, spearheads the development of sovereign data sharing solutions that enable customer to benefit from the data economy and face today biggest challenges. Such as sustainability issues, keeping up with the ever-changing and fast-paced compliance field and most importantly staying on top of competition by giving customers access to the insights they need to create better solutions.
To do so, T-Systems and the T-Systems’ Data Intelligence Hub partnered up with Google to benefit from the expertise and computing power of a hyperscaler but, more importantly, to further pinpoint what sovereignty entails. Together with Google, three pillars of sovereignty have been defined, namely:
Data Sovereignty, Software Sovereignty and Operation Sovereignty. These were also the topic of the solutions that the T-Systems’ Data Intelligence Hub presented at the MB Digital Product Forum. We attracted the attention of various roles from several organizations such as Product Managers from Mercedes-Benz, R&D researchers and development engineers.

Which immediately feed into the funding project Catena-X which is all about enabling transparency and traceability throughout the automotive supply chain.
The benefits for consumers and the environment are clear, through transparency companies and organizations are enabled to better trace the Co² footprint, enable a better circular economy that produces less waste and allows to better plan and streamline production to fit demand.

The T-Systems’ Data Intelligence Hub plays a central role for the data economy by developing easy to use connections to data spaces, giving companies and organizations the ability to offer their data-as-a-product and build new revenue streams but also tap into a data treasure that allows for a multitude of ways to analyze and build models to create new use cases or further deepen existing ones.
But not only does the T-Systems’ Data Intelligence Hub enable connections to data spaces, but it also builds data ecosystems for companies and organizations. Breaking down data silos of organizations to unlock the true potential of data without changing existing data infrastructures, giving companies the ability to let the data flow to them.

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