Create your own dataspace and develop your business applications

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Focus on your use cases and we manage the dataspace infrastructure

Start to build new use cases and prototyping new applications powered by dataspace capabilities with full data sovereignty without all dataspace complexities.

Delivered as a pre-configured product, LivingLab removes dataspace complexities, allowing customers to focus on developing and deploying their business applications. Whether upgrading existing apps or creating new ones, LivingLab empowers businesses to benefit from better data.


Trusted transactions, ease of use, from developers to developers

Why do you need LivingLab?
  1. Added value for your applications and use cases based on dataspace capabilities
  2. Exchange data cross-organizational data chains, with full data sovereignty protection
  3. Preconfigured product for a jump start to the world of dataspaces
  4. A dataspace on your terms as managed service
  5. Access to repositories with over 200+ existing applications to enhance your business use case

Build your applications in just 3 days with our managed dataspace

User-friendly interface with preconfigured operator tools

Quickly start with developing new applications
Trustful ecosystem compliant to Gaia-X & IDSA
Fast track to the world of dataspaces
Experience full data sovereignty
Cloud agnostic
Integrate and manage your applications easily with the included toolbox

Sandbox development environment with dataspace capabilities as a managed service

Managed infrastructure

Rely on an IDSA & Gaia-X pioneer in dataspace technology with more than 5 years of experience. Build on cloud-agnostic solutions of T-System and leave the dataspace complexities to us.

Always state-of-the-art with all new dataspace standards

We take care that the used components of the LivingLab always meet the latest standards. That ensure our customer works always in a state-of-the-art environment without having to take care of it yourself.

Preconfigured operation toolkit

The operate toolkit supplied by us provides all tools that are necessary to get started with your own dataspace. The tools are the best on the market to add maximum value to your dataspace & your future applications. Combine with an user friendly UI it is your fast-track to the world of dataspaces.

Benefits of LivingLab

Application layer

Create value with your applications and services

Focus on the development of use case applications. Leave the complexity of dataspace technologies to us.

Managed service

T-Systems managed service capabilities

No installation required. Browser based access for easy & direct usage


Trustful ecosystem with the dataspace layer. Benefit from our additional trust anchor Digital.ID that validates and verifies legal entities within your dataspace


Highly intuitive UI for dataspace management along with latest cloud-native support tools & easy participant management

Cloud agnostic

LivingLab can be provided on all largest & trustful market partners plus the option Sovereign plus that only available at T-Systems

Support layer

Supporting environment to orchestrate & monitor applications and services

Speed up and simplify the use case application development and management process by relying on the latest cloud native support tools

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Ready to build your own dataspace?

We would be happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitalization plans. Get in touch!