Tech-X: Exploring app prototyping and Gaia-X compliance

Tech-X: Exploring app prototyping and Gaia-X compliance

23.–24. Mai 2024

Tech-X: Exploring app prototyping and Gaia-X compliance

Tech-X Conference & Hackathon , taking place on May 23 and 24 in Luxembourg, focuses on enhancing market readiness, fostering collaboration within the tech community, and utilizing open-source solutions. Delve into the architecture and specifications of Gaia-X, make an impact and validate its potential. 

Navigating Gaia-X compliance and app prototyping: Your path to app development within trusted dataspaces 

Join Aleksandar Kelečević, Technical Team Lead for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub at T-Systems, during his speaking slot on May 23 at 11:15-11:30 and explore the fusion of trust, compliance and app prototyping within the digital landscape. 

Explore how we integrate verifiable credentials and Gaia-X compliance through Europe's pioneering Gaia-X Digital Clearing House node, Digital.ID, into LivingLab, our sandbox development environment. Simplifying dataspace complexities, LivingLab empowers businesses to focus on app development while ensuring absolute data sovereignty.  

In LivingLab, EDC connectors streamline the acquisition of Gaia-X-compliant Verifiable Credentials, endorsed by Digital.ID. Our extensions and onboarding packages seamlessly align with Gaia-X services, enriching the federated catalog for broader access. 

Don't miss out on our real-world examples and insights to unlock new business potential across industries!   

Date: May 23, 11:15-11:30 


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