T-Systems: your easiest path into Catena-X

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Tech meets creativity is the after-work series organized by T-Systems International. The first event of the series took place on September 14 and the focus was Catena-X, the first open and collaborative data ecosystem for the automotive industry. Experts from different companies, including Volkswagen or Cofinity-X, came together to explore Catena-X progress, ongoing collaborations and its transformative power for the automotive sector.

T-Systems: start participating into Catena-X ecosystem

Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter lead from the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, participated in the event alongside with Marius Pohl, business development manager at Cofinity-X, Steffen Poetsch, project manager at group data governance at Volkswagen and Simon Schulz, senior information technology architect at T-Systems International.

The session kicked off delving into dataspaces’ relevance for businesses to maximize their value while minimizing efforts and risks, and the importance of secure and trustful data sharing to enhance collaboration between companies. The focus then shifted to Catena-X, where our speakers introduced our 5-step onboarding process, making it simple for companies to participate into Catena-X ecosystem and start benefiting. Two demonstrations followed, showcasing how our products Connect&Integrate work.

Get Connected today to Catena-X

Ready to explore Catena-X world of possibilities? Visit our website and discover with our explanatory videos our solutions Connect Basic and Connect Advanced, your easiest path into Catena-X.


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