Recap GXFS Connect 2023: the path towards reality

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GXFS Connect 2023, held on September 5 and 6 by Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS), showed the advancements in GXFS implementation. It offered insights into lighthouse projects, solutions, open-source developments, the importance of trust in digital ecosystems, and the key role of interoperability, among many other topics.

Among speakers from EuroDat, Eclipse Foundation, IONOS, EONA-X or Fraunhofer, Telekom Data Intelligence Hub provided updates in the frame of the event. Gaia-X AISBL, represented by Roland Fadrany, chief operating officer, highlighted its commitment to transparent data rules and the importance of interoperability and openness in data exchange governance. Moreover, Fadrany announced an upcoming plug-in to enforce data exchange policies, emphasizing data sharing security.

Digital.ID: your easiest path for Gaia-X compliance

Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter lead of the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, joined the event and ofered a pitch on September 5 about Digital.ID, which is the first commercial realization of Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH). He demonstrated how participants can easily request and manage compliance credentials.

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Image 1. Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter lead of the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub during his pitch. (Picture source: Gaia-X Federation Services)

Especially in a community like GXFS Connect, the importance of dataspaces in ensuring successful business operations is evident. Dataspaces provide a framework for secure data exchange with data sovereignty protection, establishing a trustworthy ecosystem where companies mutually benefit from shared data while retaining control of their data. Digital.ID plays a pivotal role in enhancing digital trust, ensuring regulatory compliance, and mitigating overall business risks. During the session, Sven offered insights into Digital.ID's functionality through a demo, showing how users can request their Gaia-X compliance credentials and manage all their credentials via the user-friendly Telekom Data Intelligence Hub Portal.

Image 2. Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter lead for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, explaining Digital.ID as trust service for dataspaces

Another topic was lighthouse projects like Catena-X, one of the first industrial lighthouse projects of Gaia-X, when creating a data exchange platform built on transparency, trust, and openness, targeting multiple industries.

Image 3. GXFS attendees networking. (Picture source: Gaia-X Federation Services)

GXFS components and trust management progressing

In a panel moderated by Emma Wehrwein, project manager for digital business models at Eco, key players dived into GXFS components and its progress since last year. The panel featured Lauresha Memeti, GXFS-DE technical project manager, Thomas Niessen, managing director for Kompetenznetzwerk Trusted Cloud, Christoph Lange-Bever, head of data science and artificial intelligence at Fraunhofer FIT, and Berthold Mair, chief architect at T-Systems International. A focus was on the development of a Trust Framework, assuring trust in essential components, and the trust management infrastructure (TRAIN), fostering secure and trustable digital interactions.

The Eclipse Foundation adopted the Gaia-X Federation Service, which will be called Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components), this ensures clear governance and maintenance beyond project duration.

Congratulations GXFS for this wonderful event!

Do you want to become a trusted partner? - Get verified

Digital.ID represents a proof of authenticity, an interoperable solution complying to strict regulations, including GDPR and eIDAS. At the Telekom Data Intelligece Hub, we offer limited and unlimited Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of Digital.ID. Furthermore, it complies with Gaia-X’s Trust Framework and includes the following services:

  • Validation service: enables companies to validate their legal commercial registration numbers and European financial transaction identifiers against our trusted data sources, reinforcing the credibility of their digital identities.
  • Notarization service: adding an electronic signature to the issued Verifiable Credentials and following eIDAS conformance, providing a secure Hardware Security Module based public key infrastructure, and Key Management Service to fulfill Gaia-X compliance.
  • Gaia-X Compliance Service GXDCH: ensures strict adherence to the Gaia-X Trust Framework 22.10 specifications, defining functional specifications, technical requirements, and software assets necessary for achieving Gaia-X compliance.

Request Digital.ID to add trust to your ecosystem!


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