Meet us in USA in May: Catena-X & Gaia-X dataspace workshop series

Meet us in USA in May: Catena-X & Gaia-X dataspace workshop series

15.–17. Mai 2024

Meet us in USA in May: Catena-X & Gaia-X dataspace workshop series

Leading dataspace projects will provide workshops in the USA to follow up on first dataspace events, such as the launch of 10-nation International Manufacturing-X (IMX) for “Make data work” in Greenville SC last October.

Our collaborative sessions will update on trusted cross-organizational data sharing using dataspace tech to enable novel supply chain apps like CO2 emission data exchange and quality management. The tour is organized by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in conjunction with industry participants from IBM and Ford, as well as government representatives.

At each of our stops we offer sessions on … 

  • Dataspaces 101: including Gaia-X & Manufacturing-X with Catena-X
  • Lessons learned: from pilots – how to join quickly without IT systems integration
  • Guest speaker talks and site visits 

1st Stop - Washington, D.C. (9-10 May)

Join us in Washington D.C. for inaugural workshops focused on political and regulatory frameworks shaping digital infrastructure and data policies. Engage with experts from Gaia-X lighthouse projects Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility and Catena-X, the DLR, and the National Academy of Engineering to explore tech capabilities and emerging best practice with dataspaces. 

2nd Stop – Detroit/ Farmington Hills, Michigan (13-14 May)

The journey will continue in the U.S. ‘motor city’ with a focus on industry. Join our events with FordFlex, and IBM to learn from early adopters. Contribute to discussions on supply resilience and explore opportunities for collaboration and future projects with industry representatives. 

3rd Stop – Silicon Valley/ San Francisco, California (15-17 May) 

Our workshop series will conclude at the U.S. West Coast to meet and mingle with local tech leaders on issues of data sharing interoperability, data-driven business and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. You are welcome to attend our presentations and company visits.

Previous U.S. events 

  • CES, January 2024: Launch of a Ford-Flex live data chain for primary scope-3 product carbon footprint (PCF) tracking data; IBM’s 2min video; Research note; Flex LinkedIn post 

  • Greenville, October 2023: Launch of 10-nation International Manufacturing-X (IM-X); 2-pager 

  • Austin, June 2023: Catena-X Pre-launch USA; news

T-Systems International is organizing the 3rd stop, taking place on May 15-17. The exact agenda is currently being finalized. 


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