Dataspaces tour through Europe: T-Systems in Naples and Vienna

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Focusing on the business value of sovereign data sharing, the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) teamed up with local partners – MedITech in Naples and Data Intelligence Initiative (DIO) in Vienna – in order to gather high-level experts from research, economy and public administration to exchange on the status quo of dataspaces and their potentials for growth and sustainability. Nina Popanton and Philipp Reusch from Telekom Data Intelligence Hub were partaking in both events, presenting T-Systems innovative solutions for realizing dataspaces, bringing added value to diverse industries. 

Image 1.  Rajiv Rajani (iShare), Gianfranco Cecconi, Nina Popanton (T-Systems), Philipp Reusch (T-Systems), Kateryna Kot (IDSA).

Naples: collaboration of diverse players is key 

Opening the event with tremendous support from government officials, locally and nationally, the message was clear right away: data are the key enabler for companies and organizations of all sizes. But to exploit the potential of dataspaces, fertile ecosystems are important to transform traditional approaches.   

Dataspaces are a central topic to European innovation since years, organizations like Gaia-X and IDSA foster the adoption of these new technologies to solve real-life business problems. Those organizations combine ingredients from their various initiatives, like Thorsten Hueslmann from IDSA emphasized. He also pointed out, that commercial and non-commercial software is needed for economic take-up. Also, public-private partnerships are seen as engine for this take-up.  

Catena-X go-live: T-Systems as your trusted partner 

During the event in Naples on October 16, Catena-X and its operating company Cofinity-X went live. Nina Popanton and Philipp Reusch presented the portfolio of Telekom Data Intelligence Hub for benefitting from Catena. As a one-stop-shop for the whole journey: from connecting to the dataspace; over mapping, converting and integrating data according to Catena-Standards; up to app building and verifying partners in the ecosystems; T-Systems can serve you according to your needs within the context of Catena-X.  

Image 2. Nina Popanton and Philipp Reusch during their presentation (source: ©GurgPro) 

We congratulate the MedITech Competence Center on its inauguration as IDSA competence center, providing a testbed for software testing and services like training-the-trainer for companies and a broader network. 

Vienna: Radical collaboration as booster for innovation 

In Austria as well, the high representation from political organizations showed clearly that political and economic activities are strongly aligned. Sate Secretaries like Florian Tursky and Susanne Kraus-Winkler emphasized the importance of strong alignment and radical collaboration between existing initiatives within Austria. 

Image 3. Susanne Kraus-Winkle, state secretary for tourism at the federal ministry of labour and economy of Austria, during her presentation 

Also, international representatives like Peter Švec from Slovakia, and Benjamin Brake from Germany highlighted that the current developments can only bear sustainable fruit, if they are performed cross-country. Especially lighthouse projects like the Mobility Data Space or Catena-X and their use cases have enormous potentials for scaling effects.