Manufacturing-X demonstrator with Umati and Living Lab

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Federated Data Spaces: Integration of Umati and Living Lab for Manufacturing-X


The integration of Umati and Living Lab serves as a demonstration of federated data spaces, which address the challenges associated with exchanging data in today's digital world.

The Umati Community and T-Systems are collaborating to build the first Manufacturing-X Demonstrator to showcase the benefits of open standards in federated data spaces. The demonstrator combines Umati's data space for operational data with Living Lab's platform for testing and developing new applications based on data analysis and processing.

The two systems will exchange information through a newly built EDC connector for streaming OPC UA data, allowing for the analysis of data available in Umati. This integration can revolutionize data exchange in the machine building industry, allowing for communication between machines and systems of different brands, platforms, and communication protocols.


The Manufacturing-X Demonstrator highlights the potential of federated data rooms and the importance of open standards collaboration, promoting interoperability and innovation in the industry. The demonstrator will be exhibited at the VDMA booth in HMI, and experts will be available to answer questions about the solutions and implementation practices.


Sven Löffler and Chris S Langdon at VDMA umati booth in HMI 2023


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Robin Reji Philip
Robin Reji Philip

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