Digital.ID at GXFS Connect 2023: Trust in Dataspaces

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Become a trusted partner in dataspaces with Digital.ID 

Digital.ID is the gateway to verified access within dataspace ecosystems. Backed by credentials from government-authorized trust anchors, this solution from the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub enables digital validation of identities, memberships, and compliance, all while maintaining control over data access and usage. Aligning with leading industry standards, including W3C decentralized identifiers, W3C verifiable credentials, eIDAS, and the Gaia-X trust framework 22.10, Digital.ID bridges the gap between security concerns and data exchange for more business value. 

2023 07 18 Dih T Systems

Image 1. Benefits and use cases of Digital.ID 

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub at GXFS Connect 2023 

Learn more about Digital.ID at GXFS Connect 2023, taking place in Berlin. This event will feature keynote speeches, informative sessions, and panel discussions where Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter Lead of Data Intelligence Hub at T-Systems International, will share insights on Digital.ID in action, including the used trust framework and the important role of API notarization for authentication and verification. 

T-Systems GXDCH node: Digital.ID enabling secure data sharing 

Our participation at GXFS Connect 2023 is another example of our commitment to Gaia-X. Our dedication is also rewarded with significant achievements, like becoming one of the first Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) nodes, as announced at Market-X Conference & Expo in Vienna. Now, you can see the practical advancements and realisation of Digital.ID, which highlights a major step towards establishing a universal standard for transparent, interoperable, and controlled technologies. 

"T-Systems has become one of Europe's first Gaia-X Digital Clearing House node providers. By providing this infrastructure, T-Systems aims to support the development of innovative digital solutions that can drive economic growth and competitiveness in Europe while maintaining strong data protection standards and transparency on sovereignty standards." - Maximilian Ahrens, Chairman BoD Gaia-X and SVP T-Digital, Telekom Deutschland. 

Digital.ID in practice in Catena-X: Ensuring trust in the data ecosystem 

Among others, T-Systems, Catena-X, and Gaia-X joined forces to unveil the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House, to foster compliance-as-a-service. This ensures the credibility of participants within the Catena-X data ecosystem and beyond, automating the verification of legal entities. As Catena-X aligns with the Gaia-X data sovereignty principles, this collaboration strengthens trust in data sharing. 

Learn more about Digital.ID and its significance for achieving secure data exchange within dataspaces! 


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