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How do I manage and share my data, how can I analyze it? These are not new questions. But how can I accomplish these tasks under the assumption that I retain full sovereignty over this data on the one hand, but on the other hand build dataspaces on a federated architecture approach? These are current challenges in the dataspace environment.

In times of data misuse and high-performance requirements for analyzing my data, these questions need to be answered. The customer expects reliable concepts with regard to data sovereignty, but conversely flexible, federated data models in order to be able to tap different data sources in a standardized and efficient manner.

T-Systems’ Data Intelligence Hub already offers innovative solutions in this environment. The implementation and development of these approaches in various funding projects are already paying off. In the funding project Catena-X, the DIH team has just started to implement an end-to-end data exchange for all participants in the automotive value chain. This ambitious project is being implemented together with leading automotive manufacturers. A solid foundation for data rooms is being developed with the GAIA-X 4 Artificial Intelligence funding project. Concepts for high-performance data rooms are being implemented, and the necessary data services are being developed. In the GAIA-X 4 Advanced Mobility Services funding project, the focus is on creating approaches for solving the operational challenges of data rooms. Operating concepts and user-friendly data control centers are being developed. The National Platform Future of Mobility funding project has already successfully implemented a data room to demonstrate cross-cutting, intermodal mobility concepts.

What do all these funding activities have in common? The DIH plays a leading role in their implementation. By taking on subprojects, important contributions to achieving the project goals are ensured. In the case of GAIA-X 4 Advanced Mobility Services, the DIH team has even assumed consortium leadership and is thus responsible for the successful implementation of the project. These diverse tasks make DIH a strong pioneer for the rapidly developing data room market.

At the ITS World Congress, which will take place from October 11-15 in Hamburg, the DIH team will present the first promising results of the National Platform Future of Mobility funding project and provides concrete outlooks on the next steps in the future design of dataspaces and concrete application scenarios. Come and visit us at Booth number B2-EG-04, where you can try our results up close.

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