Easy and standardized connection of machines with Umati

Easy and standardized connection of machines with Umati

September 16 – 21, 2019

Easy and standardized connection of machines with Umati

The Internet of Things is already simplifying many steps in production for Industry 4.0. But these are usually internal company steps. Often the progress fails to cross-company data exchange to machine data. Umati, an initiative of the VDW and Deutsche Telekom presented a solution at the EMO 2019 in Hanover.

Lack of security during data exchange

Data sovereignty proves to be the biggest challenge. Uniform standards and intelligent routing are a prerequisite for the security of your own data. There are also problems from a technical point of view: the lack of standardized interfaces complicates cross-company data exchange with machine data.

Umati and Telekoms Data Intelligence Hub offer the solution

Umati stands for a uniform interface that can safely and effortlessly integrate machine tools and systems into customer and user-specific IT ecosystems. Thus, it serves to connect machine tools to IT systems inside and outside the production environment (MES, ERP, Cloud, …). It follows a standardized semantics based on the communication standard OPC UA. In addition, it can easily be extended with specific extensions from manufacturers and users of machine tools. And all this worldwide.

The Data Intelligence Hub enables data sovereignty and secure data exchange. With its various functionalities, such as the DIH Connector, a peer-to-peer data exchange is possible to intelligently and individually route the data to the specific ecosystems. The Data Intelligence Hub Connector is based on the architectur model of the International Spaces Association (IDSA) and promises the owner of the data to protect those.

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Ensuring data sovereignty

Together with the strong partner network, Umati guarantees the user data sovereignty and the avoidance of data loss as well as a simple and standardized connection of his machines. The Data Intelligence Hub provides secure and easy data exchange across a unified platform. For improved networked collaboration in the industry of the future.

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