Building management in the cloud

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Room temperature control, access security, maintenance appointments, cleaning work: To manage buildings optimally and keep technical systems in good shape, automated processes are necessary. Secure and easy data exchange is important for facility managers and service technicians. Because different service providers assume different tasks in buildings and use their own information systems and data formats, it is often time-consuming to consolidate the accumulated and required data. Building managers therefore want a broad range of information with uniform interfaces for real estate management and operations. Data sovereignty and ownership play an important role in this.

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Collect, merge and evaluate data from various service providers and sensors in the building, and use it in business applications and with employees in a targeted manner. Facility managers thus receive information from different data sources and providers – from sensor data from machines to public data on rent levels or traffic connections to utilization data for buildings. This is made possible by an independent data broker function of the Data Intelligence Hub. In doing so, analytics tools simplify the data analysis, standard interfaces facilitate an easy data exchange between different providers. Companies and customers can share and use their data – with full data sovereignty. Also, possible: Analysis methods that use the support of artificial intelligence – such as Advanced Analytics, or Smart Monitoring, which can automate data evaluation using machine learning algorithms.


Based on a common data basis, all participants communicate more efficiently with each other, optimize processes and create new opportunities for applications and business. The Data Intelligence Hub data broker enables secure and efficient data exchange of relevant data with full data sovereignty of the owners. Analytics tools enable self-service data analysis. Value-adding analytics services can alternatively or additionally be developed by independent and neutral data scientists and made available to all users. This neutrality allows members to provide true neutral data delivery. All users have the data sovereignty at any time and determine their useful life and purpose. On top of that, customers can monetarize their own data stock in order to open up further sources of revenue easily, transparently and securely.

Sven Löffler
Sven Löffler

Tribe & Chapter Lead Data Intelligence Hub​

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