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Unveiling the power of data: T-Systems' insights 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the fourth industrial revolution, secure and efficient data exchange has emerged as an outstanding challenge for businesses. Addressing this concern, Dandan Wang, Senior Data Scientist at Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, delves deep into the topic in her recent contribution to Digital Manufacturing Magazine. 

The challenge: Data exchange in a changing world 

The global consumption of raw materials has surged, intensifying the need for sustainable practices. Closing material cycles has become imperative, not just for reducing carbon emissions but also for enhancing resilience in times of crisis. However, the reluctance to share data, often due to concerns about data sovereignty and confidentiality, impedes progress. Most companies concentrate on their direct emissions, overlooking the significant impact of CO2 emissions along the entire value chain. Companies now store vast amounts of data, yet its potential remains largely unexploitet due to the lack of shared information. 

The solution: Secure dataspaces and Gaia-X principles 

Dandan highlights the solution: secure dataspaces, exemplified by projects like Manufacturing-X, embodying Gaia-X principles. These dataspaces offer federated, open infrastructures for sovereign data exchange. By ensuring each participating entity retains control over its data, these spaces facilitate transparent data exchange. This transparency enables businesses to calculate and optimize their ecological footprints comprehensively. Through secure dataspaces, companies can share their data securely, self-determinedly, and rapidly, paving the way for a more sustainable future. 

Dive deeper: Read the full article 

Read now Dandan’s article and discover how secure dataspaces are transforming industries and steering us towards a greener, more sustainable future. Find the article in Digital Manufacturing Magazine, on pages 22-23. 

Overcome data challenges with Telekom Data Intelligence Hub 

Eager to embrace the data-driven revolution? Discover how Telekom Data Intelligence Hub serves as the bridge to sustainable, secure, and streamlined data exchange. 


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