Shaping a data-driven world: T-Zone event showcases dataspace innovations

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T-Systems International highlighted the transformative potential of dataspaces at the T-Zone event. The demonstrations from Telekom Data Intelligence Hub showcased practical applications, such as multimodal app for Reallab Hamburg and the optimization of automotive supply chains. Dataspaces enable safe data sharing, efficient data integration, cost reduction, and sustainability. 

T-Systems on the fast track with dataspaces 

On July 12, the T-Zone event took place at Deutsche Telekom headquarters, where employees gained insights and explored the latest advancements in dataspaces and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Kicking off the event, Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems International, captivated the audience with an inspiring introduction on the company's strategic goals of venturing into new markets and pointed out the importance of dataspaces in this transformative journey. 

Image 1. Peter Lorenz (Senior Vice-President Business Unit Digital Solutions), Catharina Claus (Business development & innovation manager data analytics), Adel Al-Saleh (CEO of T-Systems International), Dandan Wang (Dataspace expert at Telekom Data Intelligence Hub) and Christoph Gerkum (Head of the Business Unit "Big Data & Data Analytics)

Opening new horizons with the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub 

Dandan Wang, dataspaces expert at the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, and Christoph Gerkum, Head of the Big Data & Data Analytics Business Unit demonstrated the practical applications of dataspaces. With an engaging and informative demonstration, they unveiled the remarkable potential of dataspaces across industries. 

Image 2. Dandan Wang on stage introducing dataspaces 

Their first spotlight fell upon Reallab Hamburg, the first intermodal mobility dataspace, built by the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub to optimize people’s transportation journeys. Reallab Hamburg aimed to enhance mobility by providing convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly options. Through fostering collaboration between public and private enterprises, this initiative facilitated knowledge exchange and encouraged the development of new business models. Read now about Reallab Hamburg, the multimodal app that won the “Innovation Award Real Laboratories” by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action!