Unlocking Worldwide Data Collaboration: next-generation network services

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Tokyo – November 15, 2023. T-Systems was invited by Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative to present at "Data Spaces and Manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation” webinar, and provided valuable insights into next-generation network services offered by leading telecommunications operators. Notably, the session attracted 200+ participants, addressed the growing demand for services supporting small and medium-sized enterprises with limited IT skills in participating in data spaces. Emphasis was also placed on supporting Japanese companies onboard to global data collaboration while ensuring trust, identity, and autonomy. 

Currently, IDS-compliant data spaces Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN) and Mobility Data Space, Gaia-X-compliant Catena-X with its 1st operating company Cofinity-X are providing commercial services, and International Manufacturing-X projects have also started. As the development of inter-company data collaboration infrastructure progresses, services that support small and medium-sized enterprises in a scalable & affordable manner are of high interest. 

Took place on November 15, 2023, the webinar featured presenters from key industry players such as Dutch telecommunications carrier KPN and Deutsche Telekom group T-Systems. KPN gave an overview of SCSN, use cases for data spaces, and the concept of data exchange services that combine communication networks and sovereign clouds. Dandan Wang from T-Systems introduced Telekom Data Intelligence Hub in Europe with demonstrations, and shared their perspectives on secure managed services, enabling businesses to navigate diverse data spaces effectively.  

In the Q&A session, many discussions were around business overviews, strategies, challenges faced by data space users, the role of telcos in promoting data space, along with the concept of services guaranteeing trust and security. A particular focus was the need for Japanese companies to connect effortlessly with their global partners through advanced data space technology. 

The after-session survey illustrated many interesting and insightful facts & figures. 70% audiences expressed their interests in understanding data space and its corresponding connectivity service. 50% audiences position their companies as providing data to customers and obtaining data from suppliers by using data space. 87.5% foresee the benefits as easier to comply with the laws and regulations, increased work efficiency and productivity, etc. The biggest concern that we spot from the survey is the lack of global standards or rules for data linkage, stated by 50% audiences.  

In summary, this webinar session provided a rich exploration of data space Ecosystem, offering participants a comprehensive overview and strategic insights into the evolving landscape of data federation infrastructure. Topics encompassed how to empower Japanese companies to connect effortlessly with their global partners through data space technology, and what kind of support they can receive from telecommunication operators when considering how to utilize data space, data sovereignty implementation, use case adoption, design and test network systems, and operate them securely in compliance with data space standards. 

For more information or to share your thoughts, please contact:  Dandan Wang - Specialist Solutions Architect: Dandan.wang@t-systems.com 

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