Volker Wissing at Future Mobility Summit 2023: “Generate data and use them in dataspaces”

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The Tagesspiegel Future Mobility Summit 2023 brought together high-ranking political, business, and civil society participants to discuss the future of mobility and sustainability. Amont those – Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport; Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism of the State of Baden-Württemberg, and representants of Letzte Generation and Extinction Rebellion. Following the slogan “What moves you?” those and many other speakers discussed the power of transformation in the mobility sector looking towards real sustainability, beyond green washing. 

Image 1: Pascal Behr from IAV opening the event on the importance of collective visions.

Minister Wissing emphasizes to generate and use data in dataspaces

Dataspaces are secure and controlled environments where parties will share data. They bear many extensive potentials in transformation of various fields of mobility, like public transportation, optimized parking searches or enhanced road safety. In his keynote, Volker Wissing confirmed dataspaces to be "essential for the future of mobility." Mentioning a few dataspaces light houses, like the Mobility Data Space or Mobilithek, in which the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub contributes technology solutions, he emphasized the need to create open, fair, and secure dataspaces that allow all stakeholders to participate on equal terms.

Engineers won’t solve the problem, we need shared visions

The main sponsor Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr (IAV) opened the Summit, and Pascal Behr, team manager at Digital Lab, compared the need of our current situation with the time when humanity’s biggest goal was to send people to the moon. A whole society wanted to achieve this vision – “What is the vision of our future?”, Behr asked the audience and stated that he fears, we don’t have this. In spite of the extensive competencies in Europe, we still do not move far from classic mobility concepts. 

AI will be a booster for new innovative approaches in Mobility. Not just to support people using the respective technologies, e.g. a self-driving car, but also in production via more and more automation. Dataspaces serve as an accelerator for AI development since the enhance the availability of data among stakeholders and require increased transparency on quality and origin from data providers.

Image 2: Electric vehicle form Formula Student Team of Technical University Berlin (FaSTTUBe).

Leaders agree: dataspaces are important for innovation to flourish

Also many other decision makers at the event pointed towards the importance of a safe and value generating approach to data sharing, like dataspaces. Only mentioning a few, Christian Hochfeld, Managing Director of Agora Verkehrswende, said dataspaces help to "accelerate the transition to a sustainable and inclusive transportation system." Eva Kreienkamp, CEO of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), is sure that dataspaces "improve the efficiency and reliability of public transportation." The summit showed a strong consensus among stakeholders that dataspaces are essential for the sector's future. Now the need is to get from understanding to acting, elaborate and scale diverse use cases and share learnings among common industry players.

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