Mohamed Radwan

Senior Cloud Architect

About the Author

Mohamed Radwan is a highly skilled Senior Cloud Architect who joined the DIH (Data Intelligence Hub) team in 2021. In their role, Radwan has played a pivotal role in architecting the DIH infrastructure on a Multi-Cloud model, encompassing cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and OTC. This strategic decision enables DIH's customers to enjoy the flexibility of choosing the cloud platform that best suits their specific requirements.

As part of their contributions, Radwan has introduced and implemented various open-source technologies within the DIH ecosystem. These include Rancher, Crossplane, HashiCorp Vault, Keycloak, Kubeapps, Kyverno, and more. By leveraging these powerful tools, Radwan has enhanced the functionality, security, and management of DIH's cloud architecture.

With significant experience in the cloud domain, Radwan holds five AWS professional and specialty certificates. These certifications demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge and expertise in designing and deploying cloud solutions on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Radwan's proficiency across various areas of AWS positions them as a valuable asset within the DIH team.

Additionally, Radwan actively contributes to the cloud community as an AWS Community Builder for Serverless since 2021. In this role, they engage with the serverless community, share their expertise and insights, and contribute to the advancement of serverless technologies.

Furthermore, Radwan showcases their passion for cloud technology by writing informative articles on their personal blog. You can find their cloud-related articles , where they share their knowledge and experiences with a broader audience.

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