Tim Ganther

IT Architect

About the Author

Tim is a versatile IT architect with extensive experience working on complex business problems. He is a member of the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub Architecture team at T-Systems International GmbH, where he helps companies achieve sovereign data exchange by providing Data Space Components as a Service. His expertise in data analytics and information modelling has been invaluable in this role.

Prior to this, Tim worked as a Solution Architect on the Mobility Data Platform (MDP) at T-Systems, where he developed the information model based on the International Data Spaces (IDS) information model and specified a dynamic metadata model based on a triple store solution in RDF Turtle by applying semantic web technologies. He has also worked as a Data Analyst at Deutsche Telekom loT GmbH, where he helped develop a data analytics Platform-as-a-Service that reduced the cost and time-to-market of data analytics solutions.

Overall, Tim’s broad range of experience and expertise in IT architecture, IT management, data analytics, and the gaming and esports industry make him a valuable asset. He has a strong track record of solving complex business problems and driving innovation.