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Transforming fashion and beyond: Twin transition and the power of dataspaces 

The X-Creation event in Bonn brought together innovators dedicated to implementing and scaling solutions for global challenges. As part of this transformative movement, Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) played a significant role in showcasing how dataspaces are optimizing industry processes by increasing transparency and driving sustainable practices. Our active participation, including a booth with Dandan Wang and Nina Popanton's participation in the session on the role of dataspaces for sustainable fashion. 

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Spotlight on twin transitions – Fashion needs a remake 

During the event, Nina Popanton, Business Development Executive for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, shared insights on the critical role of dataspaces in facilitating the twin transition at the example of fashion. In a panel discussion titled "Industry Perspectives", Nina highlighted how the fashion industry can learn from initiatives in other industries, like automotive and can reuse existing technology stacks and conceptual models. By leveraging dataspaces, fashion supply chains can achieve increased transparency, reduced waste, and improved resource efficiency. 

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Image 1. Jenny Haigh (ULA)Nina Popanton (TSI), Lisa Lang (Climate KIC)

Connecting with industry leaders 

The DIH booth was a hub of activity throughout the event, attracting numerous visitors eager to learn more about what our different dataspace portfolio assets, like Connectors-as-a-Servcie or our App development sandbox. Dandan Wang, Specialist Solutions Architect for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, demonstrated how our dataspaces are reducing industry barriers for the whole ecosystem to benefit from. Visitors discovered how our solutions are improving product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance, and meeting sustainability goals across various industries. 

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Image 3. Nina Popanton (TSI), Dandan Wang (TSI)

Start enabling trustful collaboration for sustainable transformation today!

The X-Creation event underscored the importance of collaboration and innovative thinking in driving sustainable transformations: sharing – caring – daring was the motto. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub remains committed to using dataspaces to unlock sustainability across industries. By turning conversations into tangible actions, we are paving the way for a greener future. 

Thank you to X-Creation and the organizers for having us at this exciting event. It allowed us to showcase our commitment and teamwork, moving us closer to a sustainable and innovative future.

Ready to take the next step? Visit our website and explore our LivingLab to create your own dataspace: DIH website. Join us in shaping a more sustainable world!


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