Dataspaces in the U.S.: Catena-X, Gaia-X, and IDSA – June 5, Austin, TX

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Are you still just storing data or are you sharing? Either way, we’d like to invite you to take part in a Catena-X event, June 5, 2023, in Austin, TX. Catena-X is the world’s first open and collaborative data ecosystem, launched recently in Europe. Now, leading automakers, along with their suppliers and service providers, are bringing this paradigm-shifting data sharing system to North America. This event will be your opportunity to talk to the pioneers of the system and its components from Catena-X, Gaia-X, and the International Data Space Association (IDSA). Find out about the importance of dataspaces to business, understand capabilities and impact, and enjoy a front row seat to the pre-launch of the Catena-X Hub in North America.

Austin Cx Gaia X T Team Figure 1: Dr. Robert Habeck (center), German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, with Catena-X association board members (courtesy of Catena-X)

Catena-X is open for business

Catena-X has successfully launched the controlled beta phase with a first operating company Cofinity-X (link), together with initial real users and suppliers:

  • It will enable novel applications based on cross-organizational data chains and digital twins for better, more resilient supply chains and more sustainable products.
  • It is NOT a data storage system, but rather a data sharing network that maintains and safeguards your data sovereignty. Imagine: you can save on the costs of data storage while extracting value from shared data, while also maintaining the power to control rights and access to your data.
  • “Killer” applications are myriad and include pathways toward world-changing supply chains with product carbon footprint (PCF) tracking, material traceability, and first circular economy use cases.

Open technology, common standards

Catena-X is brought to you by a coalition of automakers, tier-1 suppliers, as well as pioneering small and mid-sized firms, vendors, and consultants, with a total of more than 150 member companies and counting. It is built on open-source technology in Eclipse pioneered by Gaia-X and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

Austin program

We’re looking for your input and ideas with the Catena-X buildout in North America, with a first hub slated for 2024 to make it as easy as possible for you to use the network. Join us for:

12 - 13 Uhr Arrival & lunch
13 - 15 Uhr

Welcome to Austin!
Oliver Ganser (BMW; Leiter der Catena-X Association, Leiter des Catena-X Konsortiums) & Jeff Schlageter (IBM; C-X Assoc. Board Member)

Catena-X 101
Oliver Ganser

Catena-X KITs (keep it together) & benefits
Produktlebenszyklus-Management (PLM)/Qualität - Oliver Ganser
CO2-Reduktion - Niels Angel (BMW; C-X Product Owner Sustainability)
Batteriepass - Thorsten Dikmann (BASF; C-X Product Owner Batteriepass)

Catena-X KITs & open collaboration
Maximilian Ong (Mercedes-Benz; C-X Systemarchitekt)

Q&A, short break

15 - 17 Uhr

Catena-X onboarding & global adoption
Partner testimonials - Interview with Pramita Mitra (Ford) & Jeffrey Schlageter
Catena-X's first operating company Cofinity-X - Thomas Roesch (ZF; CEO Cofinity-X)
Launch of Catena-X North America Hub - Frank Göller (Volkswagen; C-X VP Internationalization) & Chris Langdon (Deutsche Telekom; C-X Product Manager C-X Agile Release Train)

Catena-X panel discussion “Trust and Interoperability”
Moderator: Frank Koester (German Aerospace Center/DLR)
Participants: Thomas Roesch, Lars Nagel (CEO International Data Spaces Association), Roland Fadrany (COO Gaia-X), Chris Langdon 

17 - 18 Uhr Get together & Buffet


Be sure to secure your slot for the launch of a Catena-X Hub in North America.

Free registration:

The Catena-X event precedes the Intelligent Infrastructure conference at the same venue:

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Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager

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