Digital twin speeds it up – for example a brake

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Are digital twins already used in industry today? More a vision or maybe a reality? The application nowadays takes place in subareas, such as production. The digital twin of a production plant offers advantages over the entire life cycle of a factory – from planning and construction to conversion of production.

Functions of the digital twin

The PLM Digital Twin Demonstrator (link) shows the intelligent analysis of sensor data. Analysis methods based on Artificial Intelligence enable the automatic detection of deviations from the “normal” product behavior (so-called anomalies), which can be visualized in a dashboard. With the Data Intelligence Hub, relevant field data can be exchanged between the various stakeholders and planning, simulation and field data can be merged.

Advantages of the Data Intelligence Hub

Through the analysis of real brake system data (e.g. from product testing), safety-critical indications can be used directly in engineering to achieve important improvements in product quality at an early stage. By combining the various data sources, analyses can be carried out across company boundaries and results can be shared. The Data Intelligence Hub ensures that the data sovereignty of each participant is maintained.

Learn more about the digital twin in the automotive industry in our video:

Sven Löffler
Sven Löffler

Tribe & Chapter Lead Data Intelligence Hub​

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