Tractus-X Sandbox

Application development environment withbuilt-in dataspace based on Eclipse Tractus-X

Focus and speed: Your shortcut from concept to a first implementation success story 

Think big, start small, fail quickly, scale fast: Join our sandbox, focus on what matters: your use case and application. Collaborate with partners, launch your MVP — and leave the ever-evolving dataspace infrastructure complexities to us.

You own your use case: We provide dataspace infrastructure based on the open-source Eclipse Tractus-X, delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service by the experts from T-Systems.

No systems integration required: Just use your browser, log on, start coding, and iterate toward your first product success story.

One coherent technology stack, open-source from Tractus-X - three options to fit your needs: 

  1. Tractus-X Sandbox – least effort: You join, can play in it & build data chains and products – we own the sandbox and operate it (check our first happy customers here).
  2. Catena-X Sandbox – same as Tractus-X Sandbox but within the Catena-X data ecosystem as a seamless onramp to a Catena-X operating company (Catena-X standardization in progress).
  3. LivingLab Tractus-X – you own, operate and build your own dataspace. We provide and maintain the infrastructure with Tractus-X components. You focus on building your applications and manage your dataspace.  

Trusted transactions, ease of use, from developers for developers, backed by T-Systems  

  • Trust your data transaction: Identities of participating Sandbox and and LivingLab companies are verified by T-System's Digital.ID according to the guidelines of the European Gaia-X initiative for building a trustworthy data infrastructure (Digital.ID)
  • Develop with ease: User-friendly interfaces with development tools
  • Tried & tested ... see for yourself: Live data chain in C-X Sandbox at CES (video) 
Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager

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