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A lot of waste is generated in cities and garbage cans are often overcrowded. They are emptied as soon as the garbage collector has them on their schedule. In order to counteract this problem, one must know the filling levels of the buckets and determine the optimal time of emptying.


In order to ensure efficient and demand-oriented waste disposal, it is possible to visualise waste bins and their levels at the specified geographical location. In this way, it is possible to see at a glance when there is a need for emptying. The duration up to the complete filling of the trash can is predicted. In this way, the geographical areas in waste management can be better prioritised.

Benefits of the Data Intelligence Hubs

The visualizations can be displayed in the Data Intelligence Hub. This provides real-time monitoring of the waste bin fill levels, which can indicate the need for action. For example, the waste collection schedule can be optimized, unnecessary tours can be avoided and the entire route can be adapted to actual needs.

Sven Löffler
Sven Löffler

Tribe & Chapter Lead Data Intelligence Hub​

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