AWS and T-Systems: revolutionizing digital transformation

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Discover our recent collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an insightful video testimonial featuring Aleksandar Kelecevic, our Product and Technology Lead for Data Economy at Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. This reference delves into the challenges faced by businesses in unleashing the true potential of data and how our collaboration with AWS addresses these issues. 

Trust: major challenge in digital landscape 

In the dynamic digital landscape, businesses struggle with challenges while pursuing data-driven initiatives like CO2 transparency, quality control, and circular economy endeavors. The paradox arises as concerns about data-related risks hinder engagement in data exchange, reflecting the delicate balance between the desire to share data and the fear of losing control. 

T-Systems: Elevating data to unveil challenges 

At T-Systems we recognize the importance of trust in data exchange, that’s why our solutions are developed with security, trust and sovereignty at their core. 

  • Our Connect offering simplifies participation in dataspaces by reducing the complexity and resource requirements for companies. 
  • Digital.ID is your gateway to get verifiable credentials, enabling you to establish your role as a trusted participant while allowing trustful collaboration in dataspaces. 
  • LivingLab, our sandbox powered by AWS, empowers customers to build their own ecosystems for partner networks.  

AWS fueling T-Systems data evolution 

To ensure the success of our solution, we needed a reliable backbone that was scalable, flexible, and, most importantly, trustworthy. AWS, a leader in the cloud market, provided the ideal foundation.  

Its extensive presence, vast community, and rich selection of services enabled swift implementation, visibility through AWS Solutions Library and AWS Marketplace, compliance with regulations, and seamless integration with our customers who often choose AWS as their preferred cloud provider. 

Take the next step today! 

Check the full video and discover our solutions. Unlock today the value of data on your own terms! 


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Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia

Junior Business Development Executive - Data Economy