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From September 6 to 8, solutions:hamburg brought together innovators and industry leaders from different sectors to exchange on realities of the digital transformation. With keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops focused on topics like artificial intelligence, cloud, and dataspaces, it was the perfect setting for experts from Deutsche Telekom, GitLab, Fischer Appelt, Red Hat, and more to exchange. 

At T-Systems International, we are proud of our significant presence during this 3-day event. With different speakers and stands, T-Systems covered topics like hyperautomation, health and sustainability. We would like to highlight the presentation from Jens Mühlner, head of digital sustaibaility solutions at T-Systems International, on data-based sustainmability and Co-creating ESG dataspaces. As well as the exploration of interoperability and dataspaces in hospital environments, by Julian Gehrmann, healthcare IT consultant at T-Systems International. 

Keynote on dataspaces - a call for companies to discover their added value of data 

On September 7 Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter lead of Telekom Data Intelligence Hub from T-Systems International, took the stage to deliver a talk about dataspaces, a data sharing concept with related technologies that emphasize openness and transparency, reshaping the digital landscape.  

Image 1. Sven Löffler, Tribe and Chapter lead from the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, during his presentation 

During the presentation, Sven explored the relevance of leveraging dataspaces for business value creation and forging stronger collaborations. He also introduced our solutions, designed to empower businesses in their dataspace journey:

  • Connect: get connected to a dataspace and unlock the full potential of your data
  • Digital.ID: get verified by government-authorized trust anchors and become a trusted participant in dataspace ecosystems
  • LivingLab: create your own dataspace on your own terms, define your rules and policies, and retain control over your data 

Specifically relevant to the audience was the health sector and how Telekom Data Intelligence Hub fosters international collaboration. 

Data is not enough - your way to a data-driven use case 

In addition to his speech, Sven hosted a workshop, offering a step-by-step guide to dataspaces onboarding. The workshop aimed to give the audience a practical guideline to develop their own use cases or participate in existing dataspaces. Sven used Catena-X as guiding example on how to profit from data sharing in business. 

Image 2. Sven Löffler during the dataspace onboarding workshop (Picture source) 

The workshop outlined 5 simple steps for success, showcasing how the Catena-X ecosystem tackles them:

  • Define your relevant use case: address your pain points, such as improving industry transparency or making product life cycles circular.
  • Get connected to dataspaces like Catena-X: benefit from Connect&Integrate and access to any dataspaces and secure peer-to-peer communication.
  • Connect diverse data chains: integrate data from any IT systems with automatic setup as managed service.
  • Harmonize data for dataspace: Use of all Catena-X use cases with support for all Catena-X data processing protocols.
  • Share data securely: become a trustworthy participant through verified identity management with Digital.ID. 


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