Empowering the automotive value chain: Cofinity-X is here

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With the foundation of the joint venture Cofinity-X, ten partners of the automotive industry will further foster the adoption of the Catena-X network and accelerate Catena-X use cases in the automotive value chain.

The foundation of Cofinity-X was laid down by ten prominent Catena-X member companies: T-Systems International, BASF, BMW, Henkel, Mercedes-Benz, SAP, Schaeffler, Siemens, Volkswagen and ZF. The purpose of Cofinity-X is to set up an operational environment for automotive participants to interact and co-create new data value and also to accelerate scaling of Catena-X use cases throughout the German automotive industry.

Cofinity-X strives to be one of the first operating companies which aims to provide products and services for the secure and standard exchange of data throughout the entire automotive value chain. These standards will allow a consistent and uniform flow of information, creation of value-adding data chains, cross-company interoperability, and an open and safe network. The vision of Cofinity-X is to stay technology-neutral and allow easy adaptation of all different standards.

Deutsche Telekom is proud to be a Catena-X technology partner from the very beginning. With the founding of the first Catena-X operating company, we are now a big step closer to our common goal: To span a cloud-based data network for a digitalized European automotive industry. A network governed by data sovereignty, full GDPR compliance and highest security standards.

Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub over the past 18 months has worked closely with Catena-X as an innovator, integrator and orchestrator to shape and create new technical and business capabilities as well as well-researched use cases based on customer feedback and industrial challenges. Future customers will be able to access different applications and services to try and scale and relevant use cases in their automotive value chain such as CO2 and ESG monitoring, Traceability and Transparency of supply chains, Circular Economy, or Business Partner Data Management.

  • Carbon-neutral approach: Concise, accurate calculation and reporting of CO2 values across the value chain with carbon footprint tracking solutions allowing Cofinity-X customers to lead in Carbon Footprint transparency and derive potential sustainability improvements to play an active role in the global effort to reach net-zero.
  • Transparency and traceability: Providing traceability of parts and components at any time across the entire supply chain from raw material to recycled parts. Traceability applications can give the possibility to display the entire value chain and help to find ways to increase supply-chain resilience.
  • Circular economy: Material recycling is a crucial topic of importance within the automotive industry. With the help of digital twins, the information about the condition of components can be displayed among suppliers and customers to ensure proper re-use of parts and components. Implementation of circular economy will lead to significant reduction in waste and improve recyclable materials.
  • Intelligent Business Partner Data Management (BPDM): Companies allocate significant resources for data updation related to customers, partners, and suppliers. The BPDM services of Cofinity-X enriches and refine business partner data across the automotive industry. Cofinity-X users can thus benefit from sorted, analyzed, refined, and enriched partner data.

T-Systems International is turning international dataspaces into a business reality: We are a founding member of Catena-X. Today we announced the launch of Cofinity-X, together with nine joint-venture partners. Cofinity-X is one of the first operating companies which aims to provide products and services for the secure exchange of data throughout the entire automotive value chain.
And: With a first Gaia-X clearing house service to verify the credentials of Catena-X ecosystem participants, T-Systems is laying the ground for the future of the industrial data business.

Adel Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) T-Systems International GmbH




Offering portfolio to drive Catena-X implementation across small and medium enterprises

End-to-end data chains can only be created if all parties are willing to actively contribute and collaborate. Most of the companies in the automotive value chain are small and medium-sized enterprises. Cofinity-X will offer an easy and fast onboarding for these key players. Cofinity-X will build a portfolio around four key product and service offerings. The first products and services will be available from the end of April 2023.

Open Marketplace aspires to enable the efficient “matchmaking” of network participants by creating an optimal environment for business applications which customers can implement. All applications offered will be compliant with the Catena-X and GAIA-X data exchange principles.

Data Exchange between parties will be based on sovereign, secure and standardized principles without forcing a lock-in effect to certain solutions. Every partner will stay in full control of their own data.

Federated and Shared Services will power the business applications offered on the marketplace and enable data exchange in an interoperable open-source approach ensuring added value for each customer.

Onboarding Services will foster the adoption of the Catena-X ecosystem and accelerate the digital connection of automotive partners in every step of the value chain to the ecosystem.

There is an evident commitment to bring Catena-X to life from the founding partners and, Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is ready to support the automotive enterprises of all sizes to get integrated to Cofinity-X. Our consistent efforts towards developing dataspaces across German industries like Mobilithek, MDS and ESA, showcases our expertise and readiness for upcoming industrial implementations and demonstrate our vision to secure a sovereign future for all enterprises.

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