T-Systems wins the Double in automotive

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Market Leader

T-Systems is No. 1, again. It was named the leading IT service provider in the German automotive industry based on sales revenue in 2021 (Stroh 2022, see Figure 1), the 13th year in a row it has taken the top spot. We would particularly like to thank our clients: T-Systems is grateful for its enduring success as a top choice and trusted partner for the automotive industry. We work with the very large, as well as the fast and nimble, with … 

  • The world’s leading brands and original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1s 
  • Many vaunted medium-sized (Mittelstand) companies – some admired globally as “hidden champions” (Simon 2008, 1990) 
  • Young startup companies with their fresh ideas and radical innovation; watch us at hackathons in Berlin … as well as at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

Figure 1

Figure 1: TSI is sales revenue leader ... for the 13th year in a row 

IT 1st Prize

T-Systems is also winner of the inaugural “IT 1st Prize” for client success and innovation (Fuchslocher 2022, see Figure 2). It may well be the combination of tried-and-true dependability required by DAX 100 companies and creative out-of-the-box solutions dreamt up with startups that tipped the balance in favor of the market leader. 

Figure 2

Figure 2: Chris Schlueter Langdon (Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, Catena-X Product Manager), Monika Schmitt (Senior Marketing Manager of Automotive, T-Systems), Christian Hort (Head of Automotive, T-Systems) 

Together, the sales chart (Figure 1) and 1st Prize (Figure 2) suggest that T-Systems has the right recipe to consistently create customer success stories and innovation: 

  • Connected car solutions with top security – and now with the power and breadth of open source software (T-Systems joins Eclipse Open Source Foundation, link) 
  • Big data analytics innovation with patented technology, such as Big Data Signal Processing, a big data compression solution that helps automakers manage the data explosion in test vehicles resulting from new technology, such as electrification and autonomous driving (Digital harvester, link). 
  • And now: dataspaces, or data supply chains, that allow for just-in-time data flows and shared data chains across organizations for productivity breakthroughs (cost) as well as entirely new “super apps” (Vaswani 2021) with new revenue and “blue ocean” opportunities (Kim & Mauborgne 2004). 

Dataspace Difference

What started as science and in the wake of the Web 3.0 trend – the third wave of the evolution of web technology toward decentralization – is now seen as the “top megatrend” by key decision makers like the German chancellor (Scholz 2022). A dataspace allows data sharing with data sovereignty protection, so that two parties that do not trust each other, such as competitors, can still trust a data transaction. This enables cross-organizational data chains, which in turn allow for novel super apps that that are “much better than all others of its type” (Cambridge Dictionary), because they deliver a leap in user value and a seamless experience thanks to better data. Initial minimum viable products (MVPs) and examples are emerging: 

  • A super app for intermodal travel planning with 30% faster trips in the RealLab Hamburg of the National Platform Future of Mobility (RealLabHH 2022, Schlueter Langdon & Eckert 2022) – itself the winner of the “Innovation Award Real Labs” by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK, link). 
  • Catena-X, the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry, will be available to enable an entirely new category of super apps built on data chains, such as CO2 footprint calculations and supply chains with material traceability. 

Learn more from our projects and “pick up the (dataspace) phone”

Ready, set, go: As a pioneer from day one, the T-Systems team can help you be prepared (our advisory services), get connected (your dataspace phone and network contract), and create a private dataspace – all on your terms: 

  • Watch Dr. Habeck, German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, talk about dataspaces in general and Catena-X in particular: link 
  • Read our new white paper (20-minute read): How data sovereignty enables the next future of automotive, part 1, link 
  • “Pick up the phone”, get connected, and try our new “dataspace telephone”: link 


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Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager

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