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Many people now use a smart lighting solution for their home. However, it is not only private individuals who have discovered the advantages of an intelligent lighting system; cities are also relying on this solution. The operation of the systems can be optimized in order to use the light efficiently. The product life cycle of the light bulbs used may vary. Likewise, the most important maintenance measurements such as burning time or power consumption. In order to obtain meaningful results for optimizing the light system and to uncover correlations, these data must be linked and shared between different systems.


Live data of light bulbs from Barcelona were used for the implementation of the use case.
These were then enriched with weather data from IBM. This made it possible to publish an extended data set that provides information on electricity consumption under certain weather conditions. In this way, one can see the interrelationships of various parameters and can efficiently control the light. The power consumption can be regulated in an environmentally friendly way.

Benefits of the Data Intelligence Hub

If the smart lighting solution is implemented in the Data Intelligence Hub, the generated data can be monetized by making it available on the marketplace.
Among other things, the implementation of the smart lighting systems leads to a more environmentally conscious use of electricity, because with the help of data analysis, electricity is only used when it is actually needed. The power supply can be controlled so that it is most efficient at all times. It is also possible to predict when light bulbs will fail. These solutions can be analyzed and visualized in the Data Intelligence Hub.

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Use Case: Smart Lighting – Data Intelligence Hub

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