European Space Agency selects T-Systems as Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystems Integrator

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The Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem is planned to be one of the world’s largest data collections initiatives focused on collecting data samples from Earth’s surface as well as the atmosphere. The Copernicus Sentinel satellite constellation is a European Space Agency mission aimed at providing continuous data about Earth’s states. The large volume of collected data is used for detailed analysis for the global societal, political and scientific benefits from all regions of the world on an open data sharing approach. The 24/7 access to such crucial data is used for various trend analysis like assessing extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, sustainability impact, agriculture etc. The results of such an analysis, thus can be used by policymakers to tackle the climate challenges, mitigating agricultural challenges, preparing for disaster management etc., to name a few.

The Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem

Striving towards being one of the largest data collections for Earth data, the Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem is a successor the Copernicus Data Hub distribution service and builds on the strengths of dataspace technology. The Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem is aimed at ensuring continuous open and free accessibility to data and further extending the capabilities for advanced data processing and data access possibilities for novel applications. The volume of data is expected to grow from the current 34 petabytes to upwards of 80 petabytes in the near future and thus needed a robust infrastructure for data storing, data handling and more important open data sharing with the interested parties. The success and benefit of Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem can be established from the fact that it is providing access to more than 600,000 existing users starting from January 2023 with more users to join in soon. Furthermore, from July 2023 onwards, most services will become available, including a marketplace to expand the dataspace ecosystem and motivate third party application and service providers to contribute to European Data Strategy. The platform is live and is available for users now.

Urgent need for open-source free data and T-Systems commitment to sustainable future based on data and technology

Data is the driving force of today’s businesses, public sector and enterprises, no matter the geography. The applications and importance of data has never been so important as in the last decade. Making the data available consistently and of superior quality is a challenge and hence fosters the need for a shift towards availability of better data across spectrums. T-Systems being the #1 IT service provider for Automotive in Germany has been at the forefront of embracing the data revolution and has been actively engaged with Copernicus infrastructure for a decade now from 2013 onwards. The introduction of new Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem initiative further ensures continuity of free and open data access powered by enhanced services based on green infrastructure to make sovereign and open data collaboration are reality for thousands of global beneficiaries without any lock-ins.

The future of climate policy is digital. Big Data is not only a tool for companies but has become essential for our democratic society and climate protection. The Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem is the first step towards making data even better available for politics, society and climate protection.

Adel Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) T-Systems International GmbH

The initial services of Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem will start as early as January 2023 with a phased rollout gradually increasing the services offered and available data. T-Systems is leading a strong industrial team and partnering with leaders of cloud and earth observation industry with innovation solutions. The trailblazers in the Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem include T-Systems (prime), Cloud Ferro, Sinergise, VITO, ACRI-ST, DLR and RHEA.

T-Systems and Telekom Data Intelligence Hub are pioneering dataspace technology since 2018

T-Systems with Telekom Data Intelligence is a pioneer in dataspace technology since 2018 and have been spearheading digital sovereignty and dataspaces in the leading GAIA-X initiatives such as Catena-X, GAIA-X, Mobilithek amongst others.

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is an innovator, orchestrator and integrator of dataspaces technology with its user-friendly, plug and play based IDSA certified and GAIA-X compliant managed services and solutions to Get Connected to dataspaces within minutes at an affordable monthly price. Furthermore, we provide tailor-made dataspace onboarding services to help you Be Prepared for your dataspace journey based on your maturity level at standard prices within weeks.

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Sven Löffler
Sven Löffler

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