We are Catena-X certified! It's time to get connected

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Telekom Data Intelligence Hub and T-Systems International are excited to announce that our products, Connect Basic and Connect Advanced, have met the rigorous standards of the Catena-X certification framework. As a result, our products are now available to support Catena-X use cases and help enable a secure and sovereign future for the automotive industry.

Connect Basic is the perfect starting point for those looking to participate in the Catena-X Data Ecosystem. It provides easy access to applications and data exchange while maintaining data sovereignty protection. This cloud-based managed service is user-friendly and does not require any software downloads or local installations. Customers are responsible for their own connection and configuration to the Catena-X ecosystem, but we provide a "data phone" that runs in the cloud and is automatically updated and maintained by us.

Connect Advanced is the perfect solution for those seeking to expand their capabilities within the Catena-X Data Ecosystem. With our "Autosetup" feature, connections are pre-configured which makes it easier for users to access and operate the Connect functionalities. The user interface for data management has been made even more interactive with the "Easy Data" function, making the management of your data easier and more efficient. Additionally, the option for enhanced sovereignty protection is also offered through T-System Sovereign Cloud with "Sovereign Plus" feature. Connect Advanced is the ideal choice for businesses looking to boost their Catena-X experience and enhance customer value with minimum IT overhead.

By achieving conformity to Catena-X certification framework, our products have demonstrated that they meet the highest standards for security and data protection and are ready for Catena-X use cases. We are committed to supporting the growth and success of the automotive industry by providing solutions that are both effective and easy to use.

Read further about our solutions here - https://dih.telekom.com/en/catena-x

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