Digital Rail Convention 2023: Data for transport optimization

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From September 20 to 22, the Digital Rail Convention took place, offering different focus themes each day, a conference day, a demo day, and a public day open to a general audience. The event included lectures, workshops and demonstrations on topics like 5G, digital control and safety technology. 

Image 1. Attendees at Digital Rail Convention 2023 (image source: Digital Rail Convention) 

Traffic analytics: Intelligent transport through innovative use of data  

Tobias Kleyböcker and Julian Maluck, Motion Data experts at the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, joined the event during the specialist-focused demo day on September 21 with an engaging presentation and demonstration. 

They started highlighting the importance of data economy in unlocking the full potential of data for businesses and emphasized that modern organizations must securely and trustworthily connect with others to share, process, and analyze data on their terms, safeguarding data sovereignty. At the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, our mission is to create dataspaces tailored to the customer's specific needs, including data products like  Motion Data. 

Motion Data leverages geo-information to provide insights into movement and traffic patterns in public areas, accelerating business growth while reinforcing significant competitive advantages. Tobias and Julian spotlighted our traffic analytics solution, which empowers effective public transport decision-making by facilitating analysis and visualization of individual movements between various locations. It offers a comprehensive view of travel patterns and interactions, helping the interpretation of traffic flows. 

Motion Data: Your path to informed decision-making 

Benefit from our Motion Data solutions for various sectors and start making smarter decisions backed with factual evidence for quicker results and improved value proposition:

  • Visitor analytics: elevate your visitor-to-sale conversion by accessing and analyzing visitor information.
  • Retail analytics: understand customer preferences and plan store expansion for operational efficiency.
  • Traffic analytics: understand travel patterns and interactions for effective decision-making.
  • Point of Interest (POI) near real-time: observe immediate visitor patterns and use them for traffic and visitor analytics. 

Did you miss the event and want to know more about Motion Data? Join our upcoming webinar on traffic analytics:

  • October 12: register here 


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