How to prepare for leaping with super-apps powered by dataspace

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Figure 1: Agenda of Bitkom’s Working Group Big Data & Analytics hosted by Microsoft (

RealLab Hamburg as blueprint for data-driven apps

Within RealLab Hamburg, a “super-app” for intermodal travel was developed based on dataspace technologies. Trying to solve business problems and getting solutions from dataspace-enabled data sharing across competing mobility providers to super-apps with leaps in user performance and convenience.

By addressing the challenges of data sovereignty and data sharing, the “super-app” empowers users to choose public transport over personal cars, thereby reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact. This is achieved by creating a data chain involving customer data, which includes multiple modes of transport, to offer the best, fastest, and most sustainable journey alternatives to the users, according to their own preferences and mobility subscriptions. You want to find out more about RealLab Hamburg? Explore the full article here.


Figure 2: From today's app fragmentation to super-app convenience

Lessons learned from pioneering practice: In 3 steps to quick wins

Dataspaces are emerging, such as in Cofinity-X’s data ecosystem based on Catena-X standards, and they redefine IT best practice and competitive dynamics. A dataspace allows for data sharing with data sovereignty protection to enable new cross-organizational data products, such as digital twins, which in turn allows for entirely new super-apps, such as CO2 footprint tracking, material traceability, and quality controls. First implementations suggest a recipe to ensure quick wins. First and foremost, pick a use case and then execute on a 3-step approach:

  • Get connected: Dataspaces enable new applications, products, and business models, and allow companies to move from big data to better data. They decentralize data, allowing one-to-many sharing, and creating win-win scenarios for data sharing parties. Anyone can now enable their supplier to access valuable data. Think about the use cases: carbon footprint tracker, circular economy, traceability and many more. Your first step to start through: Get yourself connected to a Dataspace. DIH provides various options for Connector-as-a-service – find your option here!
  • Create data chains: Only being connected doesn’t help you to achieve data superiority. It does play a vital role in overcoming interoperability barriers by offering standardized technology and common processes, but how can anyone trust the data they receive, or believe that you are really who you pretend to be? We need some sort of identification. This enables competitors to coexist and share sensitive information. To ensure security, DIH offers a verification service – find out more about Digital.ID! With all the certified data in our hands, we can now start building data chains. As dataspace pioneers, we established the first intermodal mobility dataspace in Hamburg, read more about it!
  • Build on top: Dataspaces do not have a self-purpose, they need to bring forth solutions for existing business problems. Every company, from SMEs to big corporations are able to adapt dataspaces to their needs. Similar to a phone, you need apps to understand the full potential of Dataspaces. While Elon Musk tries to transform Social-Media to a super-app, we believe that the key is within the data accessible. With the DIH living lab, a sandbox environment for app building on top of a data space, this becomes possible. Learn more about LivingLab here!

Open collaborative approach is key

Exchanges like with Bitkom’s working group on Big Data & Advanced Analytics are vital for the dataspace community. This avoids reinventing the wheel – T-Systems follows this open and collaborative approach with many partners. The success of this approach shows specifically within Catena-X, the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry.

Next steps

Save cost with data, explore next generation data-driven business growth opportunities … Unleash a new era of possibilities for your organization. Explore our range of solutions designed to enhance data connectivity and drive innovation in your organization.

·       Read our 3 steps overview and switch from big data to better data.

·       Deep dive explanation on our 3 operational steps (pages 6-17)

·       Explore our award-winning RealLab Hamburg case study

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Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager