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Discover anomalies in production earlier

In production facilities, all processes are precisely timed, every step must be exact, often in 24/7 operations. If individual machines are down or a production lines fails, then the entire factory gets out of sync, sometimes causing total standstill. The result: production losses, lost sales, repair costs. The goal: to minimize machine downtime – whether through damage or maintenance. This is achieved with artificial intelligence and intelligent evaluation of machine data, in a process that assesses the collected sensor values, control and maintenance data, compares and delivers results to technicians in a targeted manner. Because of the multitude of sensor, control and maintenance data, it is often impossible to consolidate the complex but valuable data and evaluate it in correlation. On top of that, often additional data, e.g. environmental data or data along the supply chain is essential and secure data exchange is required for companies and service technicians.

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Chris S. Langdon

Dec 04, 2018