Joint process improvement through Collaborative Condition Monitoring

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Challenge in production

On the one hand, various machines are used, which must be controlled and optimized. On the other hand, the machines are manufactured from different components, which must also be continuously improved. Therefore, quality, functionality and reliability must be ensured. This is done by the classical condition monitoring. Vibration, temperature or other measured values are collected and analysed. However, data is shared bilaterally, which means that the individual players only have access to data relating to their own products. The individual actors lack an overview of the entire value chain.

Collaborative solution

To counteract this, Collaborative Condition Monitoring (CCM) can be implemented. With this solution, the various actors are allowed to access and analyze all data within the corresponding value chain. The results of the analyses can also be shared. This results, for example, in longer service lives of machines and individual components.
Industry 4.0 demands increasingly globalized, flexible and dynamic systems. CCM offers the opportunity to use data-driven production and optimization and to involve each of the players. This enables the sovereign design of digital ecosystems. With multilateral data sharing, new insights can be gained that can be used for optimization. However, in order to obtain meaningful insights, far-reaching collaboration is required. If this is the case, dependencies can be identified and value can be derived from this knowledge.

Advantage of the Data Intelligence Hub

No added value without cooperation. Therefore, all actors must be enabled to exchange data efficiently. The Data Intelligence Hubs enables the sharing, processing and handling of data across companies. Different authorization levels can be granted and analyses can be created. The platform is independent and sovereign handling of the data is guaranteed by IDSA certification.

Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager

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