Collaborative approaches for dataspaces: T-Systems fosters global coverage via Multi-Cloud

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Why dataspaces are relevant for every company and organization

Business leaders, futurists, and stock markets agree on the importance of data-driven value creation. Nevertheless, how can this be implemented? Many data remain unused despite a lot of time spent processing and scrubbing data. With the help of dataspaces, novel data communication networks, companies can unlock the real-life business value of data. The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub connects you to dataspaces, ensuring sovereignty, meaning that you keep the power to control access rights to your data.  

Cloud-agnostic solutions and global coverage for real-life business value 

Various cloud environments are nowadays used by companies to store their data. To enable dataspaces for these companies without reinventing the wheel is to be cloud agnostic - this ensures that all existing environments function with the respective dataspace technologies provided by Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. We live in a global economy, which is why it is key to have as many regions as possible covered around the globe. This is only possible when offering multi-cloud integrity 

T-SystemsMulti-cloud approach 

T- Systems International collaborates with all major cloud providers such as Amazon Web services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure or the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). Through developing sustainable partnerships, T-Systems follows the open and collaborative approach that drives the data economy. Therefore, customers act according to their respective needs, preferences and compliance requirements, giving them the flexibility and data sovereignty to optimize their cloud strategy, while working on cross-sectoral or even cross-company use cases with dataspace technologies. This also results in the ability to move data to and from different cloud environments without any operational issues when it comes to utilizing dataspaces.  

Image 1. T-Systems International cloud coverage

Start your journey with the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub now! 

Data-driven success has never been easier. T-Systems provides a one-stop-shop for gaining business value from dataspaces. You just have three steps to follow

  • Get connected - With our Connect offer you can connect to existing data ecosystems in order to access the right data for your business applications and monetize your data.
  • Create data chains and ensure security- receive verified credentials with Digital.ID and become a trusted participant in dataspace ecosystems. Ensure trustful data exchange and start building data chains!
  • Build on top by creating your own dataspace with LivingLab and defining your own rules and policies, retaining control and trust over your data. 

Benefit from the one-stop-shop of T-Systems and start your data-value journey! 

Start now! 


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Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager

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