Countdown for Catena-X: going-live on October 16

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Catena-X is entering in a new era of collaborative innovation. In its beta phase, Catena-X showcased the first Gaia-X compliant dataspace, ensuring compliance and boosting innovation. Now fully operational, Catena-X welcomes service and app providers through its certification process, offering access to its dataspace exclusively to solutions meeting Catena-X standards. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, as key collaborator, offers tailored services to join Catena-X, facilitating data provisioning with data sovereignty protection. 

Catena-X is open for every company to join! 

The beta phase of Catena-X which was launched in April at the Hannover Messe and demonstrated data exchange of the first Gaia-X compliant dataspace. For the first time, federated industry data has been systematically created and structured through a collaborative approach (pillars) to ensure compliance and foster innovation. As of now, all three pillars of Catena-X (development environment, governance, operational environment) were made available, synchronized and ready for use by automotive industry stakeholders.

At the same time, the certification process was opened by then, with which Catena-X addresses service and app providers who want to make their solutions available. Only solutions that meet Catena standards can be certified, only those can get access to the Catena-X dataspace.

Catena-X – radical collaboration works

Catena-X, the first open and collaborative data ecosystem for the automotive sector, stands as a rapidly scalable ecosystem, designed for active participation from all stakeholders within the automotive value chain.  

Its ambitious goal is to foster an environment where end-to-end data chains can be created, operated, and collaboratively utilized across the entirety of the automotive sector. Its diverse membership includes providers and users of all sizes, with a keen focus on integrating small and medium-sized enterprises.

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub – easy collaboration for a common goal

As key collaborator within the Catena-X initiative, Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is at the forefront, offering tailor-made services specifically for Catena-X, which can also be found on Cofinity-X, the operating company for Catena-X. Through our continuous partnership, we are reshaping the boundaries of data sharing. Join Catena-X in the easiest way. 

Kickstart your participation in Catena-X with Connect&Integrate, the perfect solution for companies that want to exchange data regularly with Catena-X in low-to-medium complexity scenarios. With connect basic, connect advanced, integrate standard and integrate customized, you will find the solution that better fits your company features and goals. Elevate your engagement with Catena-X with our solutions, aiming for automated and low-maintenance data exchange with Catena-X.

Join our webinar! 

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, as key contributor to Catena-X, wants to support to this great news. Join our webinar on October 18th, “Telekom Data Intelligence Hub: your one-stop-shop for Catena-X” and discover how to participate in Catena-X with the solution that best fits your company. 

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