EMO Hannover 2023: The future of manufacturing is data-driven

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From September 18 to 23, Hannover hosted the world’s leading trade fair for the manufacturing industry, EMO Hannover, focusing on international production technology. This event brought together innovation leaders from the manufacturing industry like T-Systems International, Siemens, Microsoft and Umati, providing an opportunity to explore aspects such as the future of connectivity or sustainability in production.

Connected companies and machinery – via dataspaces

At the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub stand, we engaged with visitors, showcasing our dataspace products and offering tailored recommendations to meet their unique needs and organizational characteristics.

In today's data-centric world, establishing secure and trustworthy connections for data sharing while preserving data sovereignty is crucial. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub’s mission is creating customized dataspace solutions that match our clients’ individual requirements.

Image 1. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub at EMO Hannover 2023

LivingLab: your fast-track to dataspaces

Building up a dataspace without prior experience can be challenging, as technologies and standards are constantly evolving, and acquiring experience and skills can be costly and time-consuming for companies.

LivingLab was our spotlight at EMO Hannover, addressing the challenges of entering the data economy. LivingLab is an easy-to-use dataspace sandbox environment, designed to lower the entry barrier for dataspace operations and resulting business applications. It offers a preconfigured, ready-to-use dataspace environment with certified components, allowing users to deploy and test various applications and resulting services.

Umati and Telekom Data Intelligence Hub: First Manufacturing-X Demonstrator

In addition to our booth, Umati showcased the collaboration between T-Systems and the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association (VDMA). This partnership integrated LivingLab dataspace for shopfloor management and connected machinery, in order to show how data ecosystems for Manufacturing-X could look like.

Image 2. Alexander Broos, project lead and evangelist at Umati, and Serif Aktas, solution sales manager at the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, at EMO Hannover 2023 

T-Systems is responsible for the data exchange technology, while Umati provides the standardized production information. LivingLab enables the development and testing of applications for analyzing and evaluating this data. In the future, this will provide companies with transparency regarding production information along their supply chains and generate added value, retaining sovereignty over their data.

Catena-X: automotive pioneer guiding manufacturing

Catena-X is a lighthouse project and the first open and collaborative ecosystem for the automotive industry. It establishes transparency throughout the entire supply chain, linking diverse players along the value chain. Key results resulting from this are valuable for all other manufacturing sectors.

Are you still not connected to Catena-X? Discover how to do it with our solutions:

  • Connect and Integrate: perfect for companies aiming to regularly exchange data with Catena-X applications in scenarios with low to medium complexity. Benefit from our tailor-made service for automated and low-maintenance data exchange with Catena-X.
  • Create and manage verified credentials with Digital.ID for the highest security and trust when interacting with the Catena-X ecosystem.


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