Gaia-X Summit: Shaping trustful digital ecosystems

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Digital.ID: promoting Trust at Gaia-X Summit 

The Gaia-X Summit 2023 brought together pioneers in the search for a trusted decentralized digital ecosystem. Gaia-X's vision is clear: to encourage the creation of de facto standards, aligning policies, rules, specifications, and a verification framework with EU values.  

At the summit, T-Systems showcased its commitment through Digital.ID, as one of the first Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) nodes. Our active participation, including a booth and Sven Löffler's presence at the "Your Opportunity: Gaia-X Global Strategy" roundtable, marked a significant contribution to shaping the future of digital ecosystems. 

Image 1. Sven Löffler (TSI), Peter Koen (Microsoft), Nassima Auvray (Orange), Alfredo Nulli (Telecom Italia) and Eric Balinath (Google Cloud Data Economy and Ecosystems) during the panel discussion moderated by Roland Fadrany (Gaia-X) 

Catena-X as operational dataspace: the core of collaboration 

At the heart of Gaia-X's operational framework are Digital Clearing Houses, including T-Systems' Digital.ID. Catena-X, on the other hand, builds on top of GAIA-X’s open-source, sovereign digital infrastructure, creating an end-to-end, secure data chain. This collaborative effort ensures entities across the automotive value chain, manufacturers, dealers, recyclers, and platform and infrastructure providers, participate equally, fostering a uniform data-sharing standard. 

Image 2. Oriol Izquierdo – IT Manager at T-Systems Iberia, Lena Matsela – Product Manager and Requirements Engineer at Telekom Data Intelligence Hub (TSI) and Sven Löffler – Tribe and Chapter Lead for Telekom Data Intelligence Hub (TSI) at Telekom Data Intelligence Hub booth 

The GXDCH is up and running, serving as the ultimate hub to ensure compliance at the service level. Planned integration of GXDCH Credential Service Events into projects would facilitate effortless synchronization of catalogues, offering SMEs a game-changing opportunity for accelerated business growth through streamlined, supervised, and automated contract negotiations. 

Why do companies need Verifiable Credentials? 

In decentralized ecosystems, policies based on attributes in Verifiable Credentials play a pivotal role. Gaia-X's commitment to developing and implementing trust, security, and compliance policies was underscored at the summit. Verifiable Credentials serve as a cornerstone, providing secure digital identities, diminishing business risks, enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering lasting business relationships based on trust. 

Digital.ID emerges as the gateway to acquiring verifiable credentials, rooted in the Gaia-X Trust Framework. Digital.ID offers trusted proof of authenticity, positioning users as trusted participants within dataspaces or data-sharing ecosystems. 

“T-Systems was involved in creating our standards, contributing at every level, from working groups to committees and the board. Their commitment goes beyond service creation, they also understood the business model of building additional business on the clearing house functionality. T-Systems achieved standardizing services, a crucial factor for the smooth onboarding of smaller companies. We are very happy to have T-Systems as Gaia-X Digital Clearing House.” Roland Fadrany, Gaia-X Chief Operating Officer 

Digital.ID acts as verification node of the Gaia-X rules. It is operated by T-Systems to run the services of the Gaia-X Framework to achieve compliance and support the onboarding of any Gaia-X adopter. It integrates to external Conformance Assessment Bodies for external asseverations, Identity Verification, and other Trusted Data Sources as defined by the Gaia-X AISBL. It also authenticates master data and converts it into verifiable W3C format, helping to establish trust through tamper-proof digital assertions for accurate self-descriptions. 

Image 3. Sven Löffler - Tribe and Chapter Lead for Telekom Data Intelligence Hub (TSI) and Roland Fadrany, Chief Operating Officer at Gaia-X during Gaia-X Summit 

Thank you to Gaia-X and the organizers for having us at this exciting event. It allowed us to showcase our commitment and teamwork, moving us closer to a secure, decentralized digital future 

Start enabling trustful collaboration in dataspaces today! 

Visit our website and discover how to become a trusted partner with Digital.ID 


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