T-Systems dataspace connector has been awarded with IDS certification!

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Telekom Data Intelligence Hub: IDSA certification for our connector 

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) has awarded the T-Systems Telekom Data Intelligence Hub connector with the valuable IDS Certification. 

Data connectors are crucial components for secure and trusted data sharing in IDSA-compliant dataspaces. They establish secure connections, verify identities and authorizations, and maintain data integrity and confidentiality. Connectors also allow data providers to set rules on data access and usage, key for protecting sensitive information and maintaining data sovereignty. 

At Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, our mission is to enable organizations to securely and trustfully connect with others to share, process and analyze data on their terms with sovereignty protection. The IDSA certification solidifies now that our Connect product family aligns with industry-leading standards, providing users with a secure and reliable platform for cross-organizational data sharing. 

IDS Certification: A synonym for trust 

In the realm of data sharing, conventional options often led companies to contribute their data to external pools, presenting challenges and risks like unauthorized alterations and data dissemination. This lack of control, and the absence of traceability, particularly for sensitive information, have made data sharing a risky venture.  

The critical missing factor is trust, both in the network's standards and the integrity of its components. This is where IDS Certification becomes crucial, addressing these challenges by instilling trust in data exchange networks and ensuring the integrity of every component involved. 

In the pursuit of shaping the future of data exchange, IDSA stands as a collaborative hub, uniting over 140 different organizations. IDSA is at the forefront of crafting essential technical standards that drive our envisioned future for data economy. The association's emphasis on data sovereignty is crucial, ensuring that data providers have genuine control, unlocking the full value of their data in secure, trusted, and equitable collaborations. 

Get connected to dataspaces in minutes 

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub’s Connect is a robust and user-friendly solution that empowers organizations to exchange and monetize data seamlessly. With IDSA and Catena-X certifications, Connect ensures full data sovereignty protection, enabling secure participation and data provisioning in data-driven ecosystems.  

This easy-to-use plug-and-play solution, Gaia-X compliant and cloud-agnostic, opens the door to a new era of cross-organizational collaboration. Moreover, Connect removes technical configuration complexities and offers multiple value-add extensions, aiming to provide tangible value for a shift towards better data. 

Explore the future of data exchange 

Get connected to dataspaces in minutes and start sharing data with your trusted partners! Read more about Connect. 

Discover how to extend your value and trust with our interoperable products for verifiable credentials, Digital.ID, and test dataspaces for your industrial use-cases with LivingLab. 


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