CES 2024: PCF pilot with Catena-X technology

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Ford and Flex are partnering with T-Systems International (TSI) and IBM to launch the automotive industry's first product carbon footprint (PCF) tracking pilot with a live data chain across multiple supply chain tiers. The pilot is utilizing new technology from Catena-X, the first open and interoperable data ecosystem for the automotive industry. 

Our team will reveal breakthrough results for PCF tracking: Our pilot demonstrates live how the Catena-X data space overcomes the barrier of data sharing across organizations with built-in data sovereignty protection – parties that do not trust each other can protect their data rights and trust a data transaction. The pilot is established by Catena-X certified solutions from T-Systems International (TSI), as well as IBM, which is in the process of implementing Catena-X defined technology.

The increasing regulatory pressure, and market and customer demand calls for a digital attribution of an end-to-end product carbon footprint. It leaves the industry with the challenge of gathering the proper and validated data in a consistent approach across its tier-x suppliers. The pilot will reveal how easy it is to exchange data as a key requirement for proper product carbon footprint (PCF) tracking across the automotive value chain. The establishment of industry standards for PCF tracking is a significant gap in the ecosystem today, yet it has become increasingly important to automakers and their supply chain as they work together to achieve carbon neutrality also in the supply chain. Catena-X ensures the interoperability with other industry solutions, such as Catena-X certified PCF offerings from SAP and Siemens to enable swift deployment in complex value chains. 

The pilot will demonstrate the readiness of commercial solutions based on Catena-X standards with trusted identities provided by our partner Cofinity-X and open-source technology. Participants in the pilot will be able to:

  • Execute data exchange across participants in a sandbox environment provided by TSI based on open-source Catena-X technology from Eclipse Tractus-X for free.
  • Get connected into an OEM-Tier1-Tier2+ data chain in this sandbox using a fully Catena-X certified TSI connectivity product for free.
  • The IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite (SCIS) will be used to trace and analyze exchanged PCF values along the supply chain using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Ford, Flex, IBM and TSI successfully demonstrated the PCF pilot in IBM’s meeting room at CES 2024 from January 9 – 12.

First impressions from our event at CES 2024:

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Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager